Get Wet Like An Angel ~ Solar Eclipse in Pisces – March 8th, 2016

“When the immense drugged universe explodes

In a cascade of unendurable colour

And leaves us gasping naked,

This is no more than the ecstasy of chaos:

Hold fast, with both hands, to that royal love

Which alone, as we know certainly, restores

Fragmentation into true being.”

– Robert Graves, Ecstasy of Chaos

Another eclipse season has arrived! And with that comes a “cascade of unendurable colour” in the vastness of your inner space.

On March 8th/9th, 2016 (depending on where you live in the world) there will be a total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces! In astrology, a Solar Eclipse represents a time when the faithful rhythm of planting seeds and birthing new conditions, routinely observed at a New Moon, becomes exponentially magnified!

A solar eclipse contains the power of huge Metamorphosis: a geyser of verdant green erupting towards the sky!

In ancient alchemy, a total solar eclipse was referred to as The Alchemical Marriage, which is the most sublime and powerful expression of Duality (Sun and Moon) merging into Unity through intimate exchange. (The Pisces glyph itself, as well as the Chinese yin-yang symbol beautifully illustrate this melding of opposites into unity…)


This total Solar Eclipse in Pisces represents a union of opposites powerful enough to give birth to new beliefs, new emotional responses, and of course, new creativity. From this cosmic intercourse, your new way of living will be born. With an eclipse in Pisces, your egoic individual tendencies (Sun) will be momentarily overshadowed by primordial consciousness(Moon): a complete surrender to chaos from which all the ancient oracles once derived their wisdom.

Priestess of Delphi by John Collier

This New Moon/ Eclipse in Pisces is especially concerned with confronting old wounds from the past. This is brought out by its proximity to the Chiron/South Node conjunction, which will also activate a T-square with Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node/ Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. With Chiron and the South Node conjunct, there is a feeling of needing to go back to retrieve something lost, to tune into the past through heightened imagination, and take a trip into your memory’s most haunted places.


The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights by Sir James Knowles, 1912

Many people will feel driven to numb themselves through intoxication, hiding under various chemicals to avoid confrontation. Pisces rules intoxication, so there really is nowhere to hide. The square between Saturn and Jupiter only furthers the tension inside, offering no peace of mind to a soul who refuses to accept challenges and grow.

This Solar Eclipse in Pisces will present your calcified hopes and fears to you as beads on a single string of pearls, each one following the other sequentially on the same line. If you are to be initiated into higher consciousness, your hopes and fears must be dissolved and flung back into the sea.

Foam Sprite by Herbert James Draper, 1895

Consider this to be a cosmic rite of passage, where you learn that what you cling to can not save you from drowning. Realize that your hope is the hope of the hopeless. It is only knowing and true inspiration that catalyze potent transformation in your life.

“. . .Hold fast, with both hands, to that royal love

Which alone, as we know certainly, restores

Fragmentation into true being.”

During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon casts its shadow upon the Sun, which represents the unconscious mind superseding the conscious mind. With this event happening in Pisces, expect to be overwhelmed by a wave of feelings and perceptions that have been swimming around, largely unbeknownst to you.

“This is no more than the ecstasy of chaos. . .”


With a window of opportunity like a Solar Eclipse, expect some unfamiliar aspects of your psyche to speak! They may come forth as old desires, long left for dead in the secret caverns of your memories. They may pour forth as prophecy, perhaps as an unrelenting vision.

Whatever arises, immensely powerful aspects of your shadow will be beckon and bewitch you into understanding more about your true nature: the Self that lies beyond hope and fear. It may seem like an insoluble conundrum, but there really is such a Self to discover and most will discover that first through the invocation of the Muse. (In Pisces, she is especially partial to music)

“Drive boy dog, boy

Dirty numb angel, boy

. . . And all in your innerspace, boy

You had chemicals, boy

I’ve grown so close to you

Boy and you just groan, boy

She said come over, come over

She smiled at you boy. . .”

Get Wet Like an Angel456

The Fisherman and the Syren by Frederic Leighton

With the tides of Pisces rising high, you the electro-shocked dreamer, will enter the void. Deep inside the Underworld, there is nothing to perceive but rhythm…vibration… sensation. This is a dream where everything melts back into primordial essence: molten miasma of broken glass…short-circuits…mdma. Here rhythm is realized as the base element of touch, taste, and smell. Thus your senses converge upon the pulse. Language dissolves into fluid image, flickering and fading in the ebb and flow.

…Let your feelings slip boy

But never your mask boy

Random blonde bio high density rhythm

Blonde boy blonde country blonde high density…”

Your revelations may not be entirely pleasant, especially with Chiron and the South Node needling you to pull out so much past trauma. There are many cliched ideas that the emergence of your shadow is always a deliciously devilish experience, where everything becomes erotic and glamorous. (Mephistopheles, Swan Lake)

Hector Berlioz, Paris Opera Orchestra And Chorus, André Cluytens – Highlights From La Damnation De Faust

But during this Solar Eclipse your eyes will dilate in the dark, compelling you to observe your innermost being in unendurable color, including your own poison green pettiness, the sluggish muck of indolence and the cracked gray of your contempt.

…You are my drug, boy

You’re real, boy…

Dirty numb cracking, boy

You get wet, boy

Big big time, boy

Acid bear, boy…”


This journey of healing through the Piscean ocean will contain many ghost ships and masked faces, shuffling between grimaces and mocking smiles. And it will be both angels and devils that come forth to guide you through this murky realm.

“And remembering nothing boy

. . . you get wet like an angel



Pearls for Kisses by Fred Appleyard, 1874

You will be forced to fully acknowledge that what you dislike about your life’s story is there simply because you welcome and nurture its presence. You are, in essence, swimming in its current and have been acting as your hatred’s biggest sycophant. That is the terrifying reality that must be faced underneath this eclipse, causing the kind of pain that pierces the heart and soul. But once released, the pain will subside.

“…You got a velvet mouth

You’re so succulent and beautiful

Shimmering and dirty

Wonderful and hot times

On your telephone line

And god and everything

On your telephone

And in walk an angel…”

Karl Hyde of Underworld

Karl Hyde of Underworld

All’s well that ends well. This Solar Eclipse is both shimmering and dirty, a genuine challenge for the spirit’s development. As the wincing pain of self-realization submits to its baptism, a heartening new sense of compassion for yourself and others will arise.

Pisces urges the crystallized individual to dissolve back into the collective unconscious. The gift for that momentary sacrifice is a transcendent memory of the invocation of the Muse!

“. . . Shouting!

Mega mega white thing

Mega mega white thing

Mega mega white thing. . .”

Invocation by Frederic Leighton

As Robert Graves once said, a true poem is …an invocation of the White Goddess, or Muse, the Mother of All Living, the ancient power of fright and lust…

~On this Solar Eclipse in Pisces, get inspired, get born, get wet like an angel!~

Much love,

<3 Aeolian Heart <3

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