The Return of Eudaimonia ~ May 2nd – 8th, 2016

Selections from May-Day by Ralph Waldo Emerson

“. . .What potent blood hath modest May;

What fiery force the earth renews,

The wealth of forms, the flush of hues;

Joy shed in rosy waves abroad

Flows from the heart of Love, the Lord. . .”


April’s reign of sweet sorrow has faded into stillness: a purple twilight that follows a storm. This first week of May will feel like a delicious unfurling in the sunshine, where fervent passions blossom into self-possessed virtues. Intoxicated by birdsong and fragrant flowers, you will hear the winds whispering rumors of the return of Eudaimonia.

This week has nothing but the most favorable aspects, and therefore it is a time to let pleasure overtake your senses and move you towards joy. With Mercury in Retrograde, your mind may wander, preferring to linger on treasured memories and fantasies about the future. Yield to sensate intelligence and its vivid colors of reminiscence.

Never mind your routine schedule, other people’s expectations and your normal levels of productivity. Instead allow yourself some time to dream, losing yourself in the search for inspiration.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “I like my poems best because it is not I who write them.” He was admitting what all poets have admitted throughout the ages, which is that inspiration overflows from a devotional communion with the Muse. Of course inspiration can always be sought, but in this first week of May, you will be endowed with the heart and the blood of a poet. Don’t let these potent gifts pass you by.


“. . .Wreaths for the May! for happy Spring

To-day shall all her dowry bring,

The love of kind, the joy, the grace,

Hymen of element and race. . .”


detail from Love’s Shadow by Frederic Sandys, (1867)

Though there will be five planets in retrograde, this first week of May will be most defined by the beneficent New Moon in Taurus on Friday, illuminating the energy of a Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in Taurus, Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. This Grand Earth Trine will initiate you into a higher level of eco-sophic awareness, which is the realization of interrelatedness in nature. As the stars in their courses guide you towards communion with the divine, wait for the pause where you may unblinkingly perceive yourself to be an emanation of stellar fire, eternally dancing in spiraling orbits and rhythmic tides.

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I. The 8 of Pentacles II. The Four of Swords III. The Wheel of Fortune

“. . .Spring is strong and virtuous,

Broad-sowing, cheerful, plenteous,

Quickening underneath the mould

Grains beyond the price of gold.

So deep and large her bounties are. . .”


Monday/Tuesday: The Eight of Pentacles

The week begins with a trine between the Sun in Taurus and magnanimous Jupiter in Virgo. An Earth trine between the Sun and Jupiter is such a positive aspect, that you can expect to hear good news and feel a significant lift in your confidence. These days will have a magical feeling of accomplishment and grandeur in them that inspires you to continue working diligently without complaint.

Elaine ~ Idylls of the King (1913) by Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

With all this planetary Earth energy presiding, your desire to express yourself through masterful skill will be greatly encouraged.  The Eight of Pentacles indicates that these days of good fortune and opportunity will keep you focused on honing your most cherished talents. You may stand in awe at how well the fruits of your labors begin to flourish, and yet your desire to continue creating will drive you to keep moving forward. Because you can’t and you won’t and you don’t stop.


“ . . .For thou, O Spring! canst renovate

All that high God did first create.

Be still his arm and architect,

Rebuild the ruin, mend defect;

Chemist to vamp old worlds with new,

Coat sea and sky with heavenlier blue . . .”


Wednesday/Thursday: The Four of Swords

“Rebuild the ruin, mend defect. . .” The middle of the week feels safe and secure. The trine between the Sun and Jupiter will still resound on Wednesday and the world will continue to reflect your high hopes and fertile imagination. Unnecessary anxiety will be quelled and the haunting voice of shame will go silent.

Guinevere ~ Idylls of the King by Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

On Thursday, the Moon will move into Taurus, joining the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. The enjoyment of the senses will be further heightened, so take extra special care to eat deliciously, dress beautifully, and kiss softly. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, these days may feel like they progress in another dimension of time. Everything will slow down, opening up your mind to new levels of careful observation and sensual pleasure. This is the beautiful experience of  regeneration.

“. . .Is the wind-harp which thou seest

In the casement at my side

AEolian harp,

How strangely wise thy strain!

Gay for youth, gay for youth,

(Sweet is art, but sweeter truth,) . . .”

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: The Wheel of Fortune

Friday is the day of the New Moon in Taurus, which will be in a Grand Earth Trine between Jupiter and Pluto. This is a moment to envision a garden of earthly delights and summon it into your experience. This is a night where you will feel an organic outpour of gratitude in your heart, feeling deeply connected to the miracle of regeneration.

The Deceitfulness of Riches by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale

The Wheel of Fortune foretells of a weekend that is full of golden opportunities and enjoyment. Because Taurus is the ruler of self-worth, luxury, independent wealth, and cultivated talents, this New Moon will be an auspicious time for you to set intentions to improve these areas of your life. Taurean wisdom reminds you that no lasting wealth can be generated, nor can any significant talents be developed, without a sense of self-worth. In addition, luxury is not merely the possession of expensive things, but is an experience only known to those who cultivate their senses to appreciate the touch, taste, sound and smell of rarified gifts.

“Garden Fancies: The Flower`s Name” (1909) by Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

For the New Moon in Taurus, set an intention to cultivate your senses and increase the value of your creative work. If you choose to accept the gifts of this New Moon, many pleasures and joys will be sure to follow!

On Saturday, there will be an exact trine between the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, lending you a deeper and more provocative understanding of an elusive subject. It is likely that there will be a breakthrough of some kind in terms of your studies or creative work. For example, if you have been in therapy or working on solving a mystery, this day will represent significant progress.

The Lover’s World (1905) by Eleanor Brickdale

Finally on Sunday, there will be a very favorable trine between Mercury Retrograde and the North Node in Virgo. This contact is powerful because Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and therefore, this trine will have an especially focused affect on aligning your will with the powers of your imagination. In other words, this trine opens you up to magic!

The North Node represents a focus for collective evolution, like a point of perspective from which everything else is measured. Therefore, this Mercury trine, even in retrograde, will intensify your pointed focus and offer you enough of a glimpse of the future to spur you onward, filled with an awe-inspiring vision of your life’s purpose.

“Sweet is art, but sweeter truth . . .”