Mysticism and Madness ~ November 27th-December 3rd, 2017

This is the second week of Sagittarius season, the sign where wanderers are pushed towards the edges of madness and mysticism in search of unifying truth. This is also the week of the Full Moon in Gemini which will summon a storm of questions about the limits of your language and your reality.

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius acts as a transformative evolutionary force, one that welds disparate parts and struggling polarities into transcendent union. In Sagittarius, the human head and the animal body are synthesized, unified to act as a great force of momentum.

This week the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn will all be in Sagittarius. This hyper-concentration of Sagittarian energies will arouse philosophical questions, religious fervor, and zealotry. At the end of the week, Mercury, in a conjunction with Saturn, will travel to the edge of Sagittarius, stationing retrograde at 29 degrees.

Under the immense pressure of Saturn’s gravity, seemingly impossible situations may arise bringing many plans to a halt. But before you succumb to frustration, remember that the mutable quality of Sagittarius is one that encourages you to find a way, guided by the light in the dark.

“Every honest man is a Prophet.”

– William Blake

If you expect to continue growing and progressing, some of your beliefs and many of your assumptions will require thoughtful revisions. Some of your fundamentalist tendencies are likely to be challenged. In response to these affronts, try to embody the spirit of Sagittarius, which remains open to learning new truths about life.

To achieve this aim, honesty should always be be prioritized over conformity.

Everyone is afraid to be honest sometimes. And that’s why it is so important to have role models that inspire the best in you. When seeking a role model for spiritual honesty, theological innovation, and political insurrection, there is no finer example than the poet/prophet William Blake, born 260 years ago this week on November 28th, 1757.

Like many great thinkers, William Blake was generally considered to be a madman in his own time, “The voice of one crying in the wilderness”.

Blake occupies a unique place in the history of English literature and in the history of religion. He was gentle enough to evoke a delicate beauty in his poetry and he was  wrathful enough to rage against industrialism, the doctrine of science and the uninspired teachings of the church. In his work, he would attack any figureheads of authoritarianism, including King George, John Locke, and Isaac Newton.

One of Blake’s lifelong concerns was to free the human soul from the authoritarianism found in organized religion, politics and in the cult of Reason. His work represented a strong desire to inspire spiritual and intellectual freedom.

An engraver by trade, Blake published his original poems, philosophies and theologies as illuminated manuscripts, which are still effective in captivating the modern reader’s cinematic imagination.

As all men are alike (tho’ infinitely various), So all Religions & as all similars have one source. The true Man is the source, he being the Poetic Genius.

One of his most important works is a pamphlet called, All Religions Are One, a consummate example of the Sagittarian spirit written as a series of seven philosophical statements. In this work, Blake unifies his artistic, philosophical and religious views, offering the reader a look at the world through his visionary lens.

Equating himself with the Biblical prophets who foretold of the Messiah, Blake asserts that his message is one of salvation. As a Sagittarian, Blake believed salvation could be found in a unifying religious experience shared by all humanity.

That the Poetic Genius is the true Man, and that the body or outward form of Man is derived from the Poetic Genius. Likewise that the forms of all things are derived from their Genius, which by the Ancients was call’d an Angel & Spirit & Demon.

Blake defined the Poetic Genius as being the source of all prophesy, art and imagination. If you are inspired by his cosmology, then you must accept the responsibility to realize the Poetic Genius in yourself and in those who are outside of your familiar paradigm.

This week will be a time to connect to a higher vision of who you are and what your potential is. Supported by divine inspiration (Poetic Genius) you will be asked to contend with some heavy philosophical and religious questions that force a confrontation with authoritarianism.

But by the light of Sagittarius, you may open your eyes to a bigger picture, where the constricting beliefs that have starved your spirit can finally be obliterated. Enjoy the birth of this patient process of philosophical growth!

Monday/Tuesday: Mind-Forged Manacles

Following last week’s disruptive trine between Mercury and Uranus, this week begins with the exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius. Great ideological obstacles and ethical quandaries will emerge, but your reactionary impulses will be slowed down. This influence will remain in effect for the rest of the week, so avoid rushing to judgement, instead taking the time to observe and gather information.

Any confrontations or frustrations that arise this week can stimulate great intellectual and spiritual growth. Saturn’s influence on Mercury asks that you learn to discern between authority and authoritarianism. Authority represents the wisdom of experience and inspires you to gain knowledge. Whereas authoritarianism represents control, demanding willful ignorance and submission.

Wednesday/Thursday: Eternity in an Hour

The middle of the week will remain relatively quiet, well suited for continued contemplation and meditation upon where your growth is being impeded. The waxing Moon will travel through the latter half of Aries and the first degrees of Taurus. By Thursday, the Moon’s placement in her sign of exaltation in Taurus may recall some of the themes that emerged during last month’s Full Moon. Take a moment to appreciate the progress you have made in any creative or emotional work since then. Tremendous growth can be observed even within these small cycles of time.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: When Men and Mountains Meet

On the first day of December, Venus finally leaves the dark waters of Scorpio for in the sign of Sagittarius, where her skeletal form will resurrect as a bright-eyed and galloping huntress. In the sign of mutable fire, Venus is enthused, kindling the spirit of romance. As Venus untangles from Scorpio’s many thorns, expect frolicsome fun to return to many of your creative endeavors and your relationships.

Only an hour after Venus’ illuminating transition, Mars in Libra will make an exact opposition with Uranus in Aries. Such a volatile combination of projectile force and electric sparks may result in a direct outburst of anger. But with Mars in a sign that favors passive aggression, this may also emerge through acts of subterfuge and sabotage. Technological breakdowns are also associated with this transit, so do what you can to avoid disruptions today by taking things slow.

On Saturday, the first of three trines between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will occur. This is an aspect that favors spiritual discovery and visionary experiences. Jupiter will expand Neptune’s thirst for transcendence, so you may find yourself in search of a blissful experience. If nothing else, take some time to gaze at the sky or the sea, feeling your spirit expand into the vastness, flying high upon a wave of limitless potential.

Sunday is an eventful and confusing day with Mercury’s station retrograde and the Full Moon in Gemini that contains a t-square to Neptune.

The Full Moon in Gemini will arouse a state of internal conflict, meant to push you to grow beyond your former limits. You may find yourself tightly stretched across polarities, struggling to follow facts or feelings. But since the evolutionary purpose of Sagittarian season is to synthesize Gemini’s disparate facts into a unified cosmology, the complexity of this Full Moon will be very intellectually and emotionally demanding.

Since Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will be retrograding at the same time, you may find that you are without your usual faculties of memory, reason and rationale to assist you. The t-square between the Sun, Moon and Neptune will add to the disorienting quality.

Without your usual wits, responses and ideas to rely upon, humility must be adopted. Under such dissolute conditions, you will not be able to solve any problems or conflicts by force. However, if you can allow yourself to be cast adrift and remain open to the experience, the answers may be offered through unexpected visions, intuitions, or recollections from long-forgotten memories.

These are the kind of astrological conditions when the Spirit of Prophecy and the Poetic Genius can easily flow through you. So do not let the strangeness you may encounter deter you from enjoying this Full Moon in Gemini thoroughly!