First There is a Mountain ~ August 13th-19th, 2018

First there is a mountain,

then there is no mountain,

then there is

This week begins the Sun’s journey through the last decan of Leo, where the story of the Sun’s return to its rulership begins to find its resolution. These are some of the last days of luxurious summertime, hot and bright like molten gold.

After last week’s Solar Eclipse, the heartfelt wisdom of Leo will ripple outward for many months to come. All you will be asked to do is to find your place in the Sun and linger in its radiance.

The caterpillar sheds his skin to find a butterfly within

Despite many moments of warmth and beauty, this summer has been disquieting for many. Stirred by the retrogrades and the eclipses, this season has had some biting and cruel episodes. In the rip current of these transformational waves, there have been some painful adjustments to be made.

But the good news is that this week finally brings the first wave of relief. The worst is over. The 2018 eclipse cycle is complete.

On Saturday, Mercury will sextile Venus in her rulership of Libra bringing charm and grace into your thoughts and speech. Since this is a Saturday, it makes a great time for a party. This influence will also help you to express your romantic yearnings and your creative ideas in the most harmonious way possible. Writers may find that an especially lovely and lyrical quality comes through in their work at this time. This sextile to Venus waves a gentle farewell to Mercury’s retrograde period.

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Mercury will finally be stationing direct in Leo on Sunday August 19th. Reflect upon the last three weeks and try to appreciate the deeper awareness that you cultivated. How did the golden heart of Leo begin to shine through in your mind?

The sense of relief you feel now will be magnified significantly in just two weeks time when Mars finally stations direct in Capricorn. The difficulty that you’ve grown accustomed to, all the frustration and disruption will begin to smooth out after that.

Without getting too far ahead, bring your awareness back to this week. Knowing that the painful pressure is beginning to dissipate now, take a deep breath and let yourself sigh in relief.

On Sunday, not only will Mercury station direct, but one of the most important and beneficial aspects of the year will occur when Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces.

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This is the conclusion of a three part series of trines made between Jupiter and Neptune. The first was in December 2017, the second was when Jupiter was retrograde in May 2018 and now the final trine has arrived.

The shimmering transcendental visions of Neptune will be uplifted and illumined by Jupiter’s influence. With the lightest touch, you will be able to feel the benevolent heart in the universe. Thus, this Jupiter/Neptune trine will offer an expansion and renewal of your faith.

Since October, Jupiter has been treading through the dark waters of Scorpio, catalyzing an intense study of the wheel of desire.

First there is a mountain,

then there is no mountain,

then there is

Painfully stretched upon the axis of hunger and satiety, you’ve come to know the ceaseless chase that desire brings. No matter what you do, it always returns. When caught on this wheel, your perceptions will never believe there is enough time, sex, money, food, or fame.

But now, under the influence of this final trine with Neptune, you will feel inspired to return to balance, purifying yourself of both deprivation and over-indulgence. You can reconcile any paradox that exists between your physical and spiritual needs by returning to the place at the center of your heart.

Oh, the snow will be a blinding sight to see as it lies on yonder hillside

There’s a deeper more soulful connection to the cosmos available to you during this transit, one that will open your imagination to the possibility of higher realms of consciousness.

The influence of Jupiter and Neptune tends to reveal the ecological interconnection between all life in the cosmos. Dissolve the boundaries that separate mind and heart, spirit and matter. Immerse yourself in meditation, magic, and any acts of compassion that feel natural to you.

The wisdom of Neptune is usually transmitted through dreams, trances, and psychedelic experiences. But even without dramatically altered states, glints of Neptune can be found in visionary art, music and mythology. Thus, to summon the best qualities of this week’s energies, I recommend listening to There is a Mountain by Donovan from 1967.

First there is a mountain,

then there is no mountain,

then there is

Donovan was a major icon in the psychedelic 60’s as a folk-singer flower-child. As such, his music always had a shimmering Neptunian quality, filled with poetic lyrics as luminous and hazy as a dream.

Donovan songs have a timeless sound, invoking the heart and soul of the ancient bards. Intent on awakening his audience to mysticism, he began introducing Eastern philosophy to the West. It was Donovan that inspired the Beatles to do this too.

First there is a mountain,

then there is no mountain,

then there is

The lyrics of There is a Mountain are not surrealist poetry, but refer to an ancient Zen saying that describes three stages of awakening.

The saying goes:

Before you study Zen, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers; while you are studying Zen, mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers; but once you have had enlightenment mountains are once again mountains and rivers again rivers.

According to this quote, the first stage of spiritual development is when you are fully immersed in the world. Everything that is seen or felt is believed. Mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers.

The caterpillar sheds his skin to find a butterfly within

As a seeker progresses in their inward journey towards wisdom, they begin to understand the separation between humans and mountains and rivers is an illusion. While traversing the mysterious unknown, mountains are no longer mountains.

But when enlightenment is attained, the paradox of separation and unity is finally reconciled. The immanent and transcendent realities merge without conflict. An intrinsic wisdom allows for everything to just be exactly what it is. And again, the mountain is a mountain.

First there is a mountain,

then there is no mountain,

then there is!

This week, don’t be afraid to learn something new about the nature of reality. To be aware of paradox, but remain at peace with it is what the wisdom of Neptune wishes you to learn. 

Have a beautiful week!

Important Transits

Saturday, August 18th – Mercury Rx in Leo sextile Venus in Libra

Sunday, August 19th – Mercury station direct in Leo

Sunday, August 19th – Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces


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