Strawberry Fields Forever ~ February 25th-March 3rd, 2019

It is the second week of Pisces season, a perfect time to go within and make peace with the past. This is a time of deep reflection, for the Sun’s annual journey through the zodiac ends here.

As the Sun in Pisces submerges its light deeper and deeper into the waters of the abyss, memories bubble and emotions begin to flood.

Amidst the blissful enchantments of remembrance, the pain and sorrow of the past can emerge vividly.

Just breathe in. And let it go. 

Remember that in the oceans of Pisces, even your bitterest tears will find their way home: dissolving back into the waters from whence they were born.

In Pisces, the Sun’s light no longer illuminates your individual story, fueled by the drama of your personal pain. Instead, the Sun illuminates the vastness of the whole human story, the collective unconscious that merges all time and memory together. It is here where your sacrifice of pain becomes resurrected as much deeper compassion for the world.

There is deep wisdom to be gained during Pisces season, but it is not taught through words or elaborate theories. The wisdom of Pisces is transmitted through the most primal level of consciousness, the limitless realm of imagination.

In language, only songs and poetry can begin to capture the essence of this realm. Untainted by the cognitive and rational mind, songwriters and poets are cherished for bringing treasures of wisdom back from the most primal level of consciousness: the swirl of eternal images.

Songs and poetry are the golden threads of enchantment that weave waking and dream life together.

There are innumerable examples to draw inspiration from, such a vast ocean of beauty to behold. But for this week’s meditation on Pisces, feel into the ambiance created by listening to the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever which was released in February of 1967.  

It is an exquisite song. If you knew nothing about its place in the history of psychedelic pop music, you would still fall under its spell as the lyrics begin with…

Let me take you down…

‘Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields

Nothing is real

And nothing to get hung about

Strawberry Fields forever

…it begins like a song of innocence, an idyll from the ancestors of English poetry reaching across the centuries to uplift your heart and soul with the shared imagination of strawberry fields stretching on forever.

But the wisdom of the Sun in Pisces does not only express itself through eternal images of beauty. The Sun in Pisces is also felt when you are drawn to experience the dissolution of self…

Living is easy with eyes closed

Misunderstanding all you see

It’s getting hard to be someone

But it all works out

It doesn’t matter much to me

The Sun in Pisces asks you to remember that even the most heroic of heroes’ journeys must eventually dissolve back into the infinite, its torchlight merging into the glistening sparkle of the whole human story.

No one I think is in my tree

I mean it must be high or low

When interviewed about his songwriting process, John Lennon described Strawberry Fields Forever as being “psycho-analysis set to music”, a meditation upon his visionary sense of the world, that emerged in childhood.

“I always was so psychic or intuitive or poetic or whatever you want to call it, that I was always seeing things in a hallucinatory way.”

Reflecting further upon his journey of becoming a poet, John Lennon also shared:

 Surrealism had a great effect on me, because then I realized that the imagery in my mind wasn’t insanity…Surrealism to me is reality….Even as a child. When I looked at myself in the mirror…I would find myself seeing hallucinatory images of my face changing and becoming cosmic and complete…”


..Strawberry Fields forever…

Monday/Tuesday: It’s Getting Hard

The week begins with a melancholy mood, as the Moon wanes through the last degrees of Scorpio. The last notes of Venus’ recent conjunction with Pluto still linger, giving you a sense of what will arise when she makes a conjunction with the South Node on Monday.

This alignment between Venus and the South Node in Capricorn will offer lessons about what aspects of the past can now be sacrificed. Whatever outworn beliefs that foster any lack of self-esteem can now be discarded.

Let dead leaves fall where they may to nourish the soil for the future.

Wednesday/Thursday: To Be Someone

On Wednesday, the Sun in Pisces sextiles Mars in Taurus giving you the spirit and the motivated energy to get a lot of important work done.

Mars brings extra sensuality to the Sun’s mystical daydream. The world is full of great art, great food, and great sex! With your senses fully awake and alive, you will be reminded of how to appreciate the beauty in your life.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: But it All Works Out

On Friday, the first day of March, Venus in Capricorn will square Uranus in Aries. This will create a sharp instinct to define what your true values and integrity are built upon. You may suddenly choke on the lies you’ve been believing, turning sharply away from things that are luring you into the traps of conformity. This square will renew your sense of integrity, derived from your own common sense and intuition.

Just as this square perfects, Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius. The many practical worldly concerns that weighed down so heavy during her transit through Capricorn will be lightened up.

In Aquarius, Venus seeks to appease her appetites for beauty upon the edge, sifting through the outpourings of discarded madness in search of the light of genius. It is Venus in Aquarius that recognizes the spark of the divine in what has become outcast, unorthodox and strange.


Much Love,



All paintings by Claude Monet