Where is My Mind? ~ March 11th-17th, 2019

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground

Try this trick and spin it, yeah

Your head will collapse

But there’s nothing in it

And you’ll ask yourself

Where is my mind?

In the final stretch of Pisces season, everything yields to the element of water. The whole world is transformed by a transcendent wave that sounds like sublimity and feels like eternity.

In the oceans of Pisces, the Sun’s light is absorbed, moving through expansive depths that are devoid of solid surfaces. In that dissolute place, the dreamworld emerges, merging into your waking life in a dancing swirl of surreality.

As Mercury retrogrades into the heart of the Sun this week, you will experience a powerful shift in consciousness, becoming more reflective and contemplative than you have been in years.

Where is my mind?

Way out in the water

See it swimmin’

You may feel confused right now. And the truth is that Mercury is having a difficult time being retrograde in Pisces. Mercury, god of the mind, finds the watery abyss to be an impossible place. All the maps are written in gibberish. And all routes, seem to appear and disappear like footprints in the sand.

Mercury’s role as a problem-solver and navigator is deeply humbled in Pisces, for without solid surfaces for the Sun to reflect upon, there are no points of perspective to guide one’s way through.

With Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces, you are simply going to have to yield to the experience of being lost. Your mind is not arriving at anything certain right now. Only music makes any sense.

You may find yourself speaking imprecisely, never quite getting to any concise points. And you may feel misguided and misdirected by other people’s words in a multitude of ways.

But in your most meaningful conversations, the words you share will be exquisitely beautiful, coming forth like loosely strung pearls from the deepest layers of consciousness.

This week opens up a creative and inspired time, that can only be received by yielding to surreality, to the transparency between dreams and waking life.

“I believe in the future resolution of these two states, which are dream and reality, into a sort of absolute reality, a surreality…”

Surrealism as a movement in literature, began in 1924 with the Manifesto of Surrealism by André Breton, something that arose from his earlier psychic experiments in automatic writing. The surrealists were like interdimensional explorers of the Piscean realms, in search of the primal consciousness that came before language.

Your head will collapse

Breton defined surrealism as…

“Psychic automatism in its pure state, by which one proposes to express…the actual functioning of thought…in the absence of any control exercised by reason…

This is exactly what Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces will begin to reveal. As your mind dissolves back into the depths, into a primal place of pure potential that becomes so pregnant with imagery that words are finally born.

That brimming awareness, before words are born, is where you’ll be swimming this week.

The primordial dream-state touches waking life most easily through music. To be moved by music, transported by its spirit is to know everything you need to know about the surreal.

But there’s nothing in it

And you’ll ask yourself

This week, the only offering that the gods desire is the pleasure you take in music. In days so sentimental and surreal as these, a song like Where is My Mind? by the Pixies evokes the essence of the moment. 

Where is my mind?

It’s not about precision. Its about the stream of consciousness, letting feelings be first in the process of creation. Like a lot of things during a Mercury retrograde in Pisces, Where is My Mind? starts off really well and then stops…before it starts again. The song’s producer Steve Albini described:

“There was a false start at the beginning…Kim went ‘Oooh’, and Charles said, ‘Stop!’ It sounded cool, so we kept it.”

Simon Larbalestier: Pixies, Surfer Rosa No.1

After the stop that sounds cool, the song finally emerges as a blissful wave of surreality. The lyrics are just like fragments of a dream, some sublimity where words dissolve back into the waters from whence they came. 

Your head will collapse

If there’s nothing in it

And you’ll ask yourself

Where is my mind?

Magic isn’t born from complexity. A song like Where is My Mind? reminds you that the most potent magic is primal, invoked through a very simple melody, polished just enough to make it gleam.

This week, you are invited to loosen your grip on reality. Remember that Piscean daydreams are not just distractions. These sleepy drifty moments are deep communions with an essential aspect of yourself, a primal level of consciousness that has much to teach you about the source of love, compassion, and imagination.

Way out in the water

See it swimmin’

Take this time to explore the mysteries of mind, which you are best acquainted with through dreams.

Where is my mind?

Monday/Tuesday: Try This Trick

The Moon is waxing through its exalted sign of the Taurus on Monday, inspiring extra indulgence in sensual pleasure. At the beginning of the week, you can dream with the Moon to enchant for a Taurean pleasure garden. Dream of your days being soft and beautiful. See your time opening up like a flower in the sunshine. Affirm that all your labors will eventually bear fruit.

With the Moon’s entry into Gemini on Tuesday, let these flowers become pollinated by the winds.

Wednesday/Thursday: Swimmin’ in the Caribbean

During the middle of the week, the Sun and Mercury will be in a supportive trine to the North Node in Cancer, a very fortunate sign that the currents you are swimming in now are carrying you towards a stable and comfortable future.

Mars in Taurus will also be in a supportive to trine Saturn in Capricorn. This makes beautiful music out of the humblest virtues of patience and practice. With Mars and Saturn harmonizing in earth signs, progress may seem gradual, but you will have the energy and the focus to do whatever work is necessary to make your dreams into a reality.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Pisces will square Jupiter in Sagittarius, bringing a surge of optimism and wellbeing. The fertile connection between the inner world of dreams and the outer world of actions will be sensed with great appreciation. Some may be tempted into delusions of grandeur, but the jovial spirit of the moment remains quite blessed.

Under its spell, you will see how so many of your hopes and dreams have begun to flower. Take a fragrant pause to feel deep gratitude for all that is about to blossom.

On Thursday, your love for the present moment will continue as Mercury retrogrades into the heart of the Sun in Pisces.

The effect will most certainly be surreal, plunging the light of consciousness into the most primordial sea caves, from which myth and magic first emerged.

This return to the origins of all things will have a purifying effect. You will see how all that arises from the heart is a potent seed of magic, that flourishes and flowers in the world with exuberant force.

And so you will be moved towards the language of the heart, which finds unity and creates compassion wherever it goes. Let Mercury’s time in the heart of the Sun purify your mind of resentments and bitter entanglements. Those are all a waste of your magical potential, preventing you from serving as conduit for divine love.

With Jupiter’s cinematic visions of the future, imagine your life unfolding into a story that’s as big and bright as imagination will allow. It doesn’t hurt to dream.




Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Head on the Ground

The Moon drifts through the sign of Cancer on Friday and Saturday, enveloping you in the voice of the divine mother, whose soothing warmth and comfort guides you to become very strong.

Though soft and gentle, the Moon in Cancer reminds you that it is stronger to feel than to it is to be numb. 

On Saturday, Mercury retrograde will sextile Pluto in Capricorn, bringing a deeper insight regarding some conflict or drama from your past. A secret that unlocks a mystery or a deeper insight into someone’s psychology may arise. Remember that this knowledge is best used to guide you towards the healing and integration of your own darkness.

On Sunday, Mercury retrograde will sextile Mars in Taurus and you will feel blissfully content with your plans for the upcoming season. Your dissolved mind will be steadied by the simple rhythms of work and relaxation that Mars in Taurus prescribes.

There’s something soothing about the end of this week, a gentle rocking that embraces the harmony between waking and dreams. 

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground

Until next week…

Much Love,



artwork by Man Ray