Trip Inside this House ~ New Moon in Aries – March 24th, 2020

“There is no season when you are gone

You are always risen from the seeds you’ve sown…”

On March 24th, 2020, the first New Moon of the astrological new year will occur in the sign of Aries, summoning the power of rebirth and regeneration. Since the Full Moon in Virgo ushered us into purgatory, the need to move things in a better direction has become quite dire.

Like some unholy child of 9-11 and War of the Worlds, the global pandemic has deeply wounded the collective mind, body, and spirit. And the surreal and contagious quality of fear has been been exacerbated by Mercury’s presence in Pisces, where facts are blurry and a flood of pathos exalts every rumor as being gospel truth.

Since nothing of this magnitude has ever occurred, there is no precedent for addressing the complex problems of health and economy. To withstand the immense evolutionary pressures will require a lot of spirit, making the heat and momentum of this New Moon a very welcome gift. 

The fires of Aries will illuminate the void and cauterize wounds. You will feel the pulse of courage begin to rise and a seed of faith returning.

Finer worlds that you uncover

Plant the path you want to roam

Live where your heart can be given

And your life starts to unfold

A New Moon in Aries stimulates a rush of blood to the head. Just as in a fever, you may feel like you’re burning up, suddenly overwhelmed by the ferocity of restlessness or anger. This is an immunological acceleration of the soul, temporarily intensifying the pain as you ward off the ill-effects of the collective hysteria.

Staying in good spirits is strategic for health and wellbeing. As long as you can laugh, you’re on the right path.

You think you can’t, you wish you could

I know you can, I wish you would

So trip inside this house as you pass by

Though Aries often inspires a frenetic explosion of excitement and action, this year that energy will be felt more as an implosion. The power present in this moment remains deeply internal, focused in the realm of the unconscious. This is because the New Moon in Aries is ruled by Mars in his exalted sign of Capricorn, which has barely separated from a conjunction with Pluto

Over the last few weeks, you have been driven deeply into the unknown recesses of your psyche, confronting all the shadows of fear and despair. By now, these dark places within have become a fertile soil where little seeds of light are being sown. In the coming weeks, you will watch with awe as your deepest fears blossom into courage.

During this time of global crisis, the martial instincts of this New Moon in Aries will be greatly enhanced by the conjunction with Chiron. The influence of Chiron suggests that the next four weeks will initiate an intensive healing process, a journey that requires great humility and faith. 

There is no doubt that social distancing and lock down is a drag. And with this New Moon sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, the atmosphere will feel especially heavy with exhaustion. You may be fighting to wake up in the morning, falling asleep in the middle of the day, and fearing that sleeping too much is the first sign of illness. 

But this New Moon in Aries will illuminate the deeper wisdom in this wave of fatigue. It is not just a symptom of illness or melancholy. This drowsiness rushes in like a river to carry you into a deep state of healing. 

If your limbs begin dissolving

In the water that you tread

All surroundings are evolving

In the stream that clears your head

In the ancient Greek myths, it was Chiron who mentored Ascelpius, the god of medicine. The healers who followed Asclepius, including the legendary Hippocrates, treated the mind, body, and spirits of their patients. Surgery and herbal remedies were important, but nothing compared to the foundational practice of incubatio that took place in the dream temples. 

Following a period of ritual fasting and bathing, patients entered the dream temples. Through herbs, rituals, and prayer, they were lulled into deep sleep. The gods would visit them in their dreams and perform the necessary healing for mental, physical, or spiritual ailments. Unlike any medical practices today, the healers of Asclepius did not charge for their services. Instead, they received grateful offerings from the multitude of patients who were successfully healed in their sleep. 

Come disciples to the unending

Subtleties of rhythm power

So trip inside this house as you pass by

The thread of Chironic wisdom found in the ancient dream temples of Asclepius can be woven into a healing perspective well-suited for this time. Think of this forced isolation is an invitation to incubate: to rest, trance out, and sleep. The regenerative influence of the New Moon in Aries begins by inviting homeostasis and calm.

Sweep the shadows from your eyes

Sweep the realm of dark aside

The relationship between this New Moon and Saturn in Aquarius will entice you further into the exploration of inner space. With Saturn’s recent ingress into the sign of the wandering exile, the wilderness of imagination will summon you further away from your mundane habits of thought into a lucid dream where the ancient past and the distant future reveal time to be a loop. 

Cover of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica. (not a coronavirus)

The motions of the planets are often felt in a way that is beyond words, which is why it is always helpful to have musical accompaniment. One song that really evokes the energies of the moment is Primal Scream’s, Trip Inside This House from their album Screamadelica released September 23, 1991.

Just as it is now, in September 1991, Saturn was at 0 degrees Aquarius opening the collective mind up to new visions, values, and technologies. 

Saturn in Aquarius has a gift for synthesising past and future with flourishing innovation. As such, Trip Inside this House was actually a cover of the 1967 song Slip Inside this House by the 13th Floor Elevators.

The lyrics to the original song recall the Dionysian element of Romantic poetry, exploring the sublimity of nature and mystical states of consciousness. Like Coleridge did in Kubla Khan, Slip Inside this House is a drug-induced dream from which timeless wisdom fluidly emerges. A 20th century LSD trip finds resonance with the ancient Soma and visions are the cosmic seeds of the future unfolding, within and without.

Slip Inside this House is filled with metaphors of ascension and birth, while former realities dissolve and classical Aristotelian distinctions break down. 

In this dark we call creation

We can be and feel and know

From an effort-comfort station

That’s surviving on the go

The house referred to in both versions of the song is a liminal place between worlds: somewhere between the past and the future where the center of creation can be observed. The house is a sanctuary found on the path to illumination, a perfect place for incubatio.  

To trip inside this house is to retreat to the deepest internal space, to remember the chaos from which all of creation was bornTo trip inside is to know the ever-evolving endless becoming eternally blooming within. 

Primal Scream’s version is a re-imagining: a breathtaking evocation of the ambiance of Saturn in Aquarius that blends 18th century Romanticism, 1960’s psychedelia and the acid house scene of the 1990’s into something magical. So trip inside this house, as you pass by.

The deeply internal focus of this New Moon in Aries is about healing yourself through a process of incubation, going within to uncover the innate powers of regeneration and revelation. 

Plant the path you want to roam

Live where your heart can be given

And your life starts to unfold

Stay strong and be well.

Much Love,