STARGAZER podcast episode 05 // the alchemical marriage with Andrei Burke

In this special episode of STARGAZER: a podcast about astrology, alchemy & magic, my husband Andrei and I talk about how we’ve used magic and alchemy to cultivate resilience and creativity during hard times.

Andrei and I have known each other for 18 years, which is more than half our lives by this point. We’ve literally grown up together. In this conversation, we talk a bit about the origins of our occult awakening: covering the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And we share how personal tragedy became the inspiration to write our highly acclaimed class, SPIRITUALIZED: a journey into magical consciousness.

Our Taoist wedding

The purpose of spiritual alchemy is to transform your consciousness, refining and reshaping the interior world in order to discover a new vision of the exterior world. As the sister science of astrology and magic, alchemy completes the holy trinity of applied Hermetic philosophy.

Alchemy is not just a hashtag, or the practice of a medieval charlatan, or the primitive work of pre-scientific minds.

It is timeless wisdom and offers a poetic worldview that experiences life as a lucid dream. It is a way to commune with one’s soul and breathe upon the divine spark within until it erupts into flames. It is a path of healing that finds a use for everything in nature, including life’s sorrows and difficulties.

In alchemy, all your failures, wounds, and weaknesses become the soil for your growth and eventual bloom.

The heart of alchemical wisdom is often woven into common sense. It can be found in what Andrei said at the beginning of the episode, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

And you probably also know the saying, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. That journey of becoming stronger is an alchemical one.

Yes, life is full of sorrows and obstacles. Everyone on earth is traumatized and wounded. But when we get stuck, feeling buried, suffocated or lost, alchemy becomes a devotional practice that reveals the hidden gold inside every leaden experience.

The practice of spiritual alchemy offers a clear path of transformation, a dedicated process of work that invites the seven planets to become your teachers and guides, lifting you from darkness into light.

Alchemy is a mythic, symbolic, and spiritual study of creation, revealing your true nature as a Divine Child of Heaven and Earth. It is a living art and science, evolving as we evolve, transforming to meet needs of every age.

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