STARGAZER Podcast Episode 07, Pt. 2 of 2 // Astrology in the Information Age with Frederick Woodruff

Welcome back to another episode of STARGAZER: a podcast about astrology, alchemy & magic.

This is the second part of the interview that Andrei and I did with Frederick Woodruff.

In the first part, we had covered a lot of ground, discussing some of the qualities of both traditional and modern astrology. We mused about how certain styles of astrological interpretation are limiting and fatalistic by nature. Drawing from personal experiences, we reflected on what it is like to be on the receiving of a particularly negative or fatalistic forecast.

Finally, Frederick asked Andrei and I what we thought about the quality of astrology on the internet. And that’s where we come back in…

The astrologer in the wild.

If you would like to check out Frederick Woodruff’s work, please visit his website

Remember to check out his books Skywriter: Notes on Modern Astrology and Secrets of a Telephone Psychic, which totally pulled me out a melancholic episode last winter.

And check out part one to get caught up on the conversation.

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