Episode 13 // Business Alchemy with Psychic Stitch

Welcome to the first episode of the second season of STARGAZER, a podcast about astrology, alchemy, and magic.

This begins a series of interviews with magical and creative entrepreneurs who have courageously forged a path for themselves, finding unique ways to share their gifts with the world.

This series is timed to coincide with the upcoming transit of Mercury through Virgo…

…which is the astrological influence that I used to launch my creative business five years ago!

I’m always inspired by people’s personal stories and creative journeys.

But learning from so many different independent entrepreneurs seems especially important right now in the midst of 2020.

As we witness the corporate and bureaucratic systems collapsing in on themselves, it has become imperative to create a new world based upon more human values.

There has never been a better moment to support small businesses that serve their communities with heart and soul.

And there has also never been a better opportunity for you to develop your own gifts and talents into a business if you are feeling called to do so.

For all the problems that we face right now, the digital age is a time of Renaissance.

If you think about it, the 21st Century has a lot in common with the Florentine Renaissance.

And just like now, the late 15th century was not an easy time to be alive, yet such magnificent innovation and beauty was able to flower.

Like the 21st Century, the Florentine Renaissance was also an Information Age.

The Gutenberg printing press enabled the written word to flourish far and wide, much like WordPress has in our time.

The explosion of knowledge that followed stirred a great ideological shift in values, producing a rebirth of art and culture that we still look back upon with awe.

This was all funded and supported, not by the heads of state, but by the rise of the merchant class and bankers. 

And in this 21st Century Renaissance, the explosion of information has invited another great ideological shift, away from the values of post-industrial globalized corporate dogma and towards something that feels more intimate and human.

The artists, healers, and craftsmen who are part of this renaissance are working to change civilization for the better by creating work that comes from the heart.

Those who are a part of this Renaissance work because they have a passion, not merely for material acquisition.

They work to find freedom for their creative spirit and in the way they use their time.

And they work because it gives them purpose, creating vital connection and community.

My first guests are the perfect embodiment of the 21st Century Renaissance that is blossoming.

Beatrice Kalmar and Meredith Allen run Psychic Stitch, a high-art embroidery business dedicated to up-cycling and customizing clothes to create one-of-a-kind wearable talismans.

They are such beautiful women, old souls with loving hands who are completely inspired by their work to make clothes truly meaningful again.

Since they live right here in Los Angeles, I went to their studio to chat with them and record our conversation.

Beatrice and Meredith are great artists, painters with thread.

They can reproduce any image or style from the past…

…but they also create their own original effervescent psychedelic tapestries which are a worthy contribution to the ancient art of embroidery.

Amidst the rainbow of threads, the antique embroidery machines, and the works of art in progress, I felt like I was in another time and place…

…a time when people did not take so much for granted and had more reverence for the hours, labor and skill that go into creating any kind of clothing.

In this conversation, we talk about how Psychic Stitch got started and what inspired its beginnings.

We also talk about the major issues caused by the mass-produced corporate fashion industry, which is obscenely wasteful, environmentally hazardous, and shamelessly employs slave labor.

As an answer to this, Psychic Stitch seeks to make clothing precious again by enchanting them with a story and purpose.

This honors the people who made these clothes and the people who own them now. With conscience and art, clothes become imbued with love.

This philosophy is a great departure from the values that have spawned so much spiritual and economic crisis in the world.


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Whether you love fashion or not, clothes are an expression of who you are.

You know that old saying, “You are what you eat”?

It’s not just about what you put in your mouth, but what you consume with your dollar…

…it’s not about what you put in your body but on your body.

And what you wear on your body shows the world who you are.

When you consider this, it’s mind blowing to think of how awful it is to clothe yourself in the products of slave labor.

Just think of how much we struggle and compete to be able to afford these loveless products.

The whole experience is born from pain and injustice.

And it fosters no appreciation for what we own.


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The Information Age is inviting a massive paradigm shift.

I believe that most humans don’t really want to live like this anymore—consuming goods made by slave labor.

Artisans with a vision, like the women at Psychic Stitch, are making small but important steps towards creating another way to live. 

I loved talking to Beatrice and Meredith so much—I learned a LOT from them and I hope you enjoy hearing what they have to say!


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Are you inspired to commission your own one-of-a-kind piece from Psychic Stitch?

Or perhaps you’d like to give something truly unique to someone you love?

If you can dream it up, Beatrice and Meredith can make it a reality!

You can email them at stitchplease@psychicstitch.com or DM them on Instagram for inquiries.

I can’t wait to share pictures with you all of what they are creating for me. 😉

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