Episode 15 // Business Alchemy with Amy Heneveld

Welcome to another installment in the ELEMENTAL series, where I interview small business owners that I love to discover more about the limitless possibilities in this world to work for yourself doing something you love.

My next guest is Amy Heneveld of Enosburgh Essences. If anyone is actually a fairy disguised in human form, it’s Amy. In fact, I like to call her the Flower Fairy of Vermont.

I say this because Amy’s creative business is devoted to working with flowers. She makes healing flower essences, she communicates with the plants all around her in the wilderness, and she teaches others how to open themselves up to plant spirits.

Like most healers, Amy has experienced challenging illness and has come out the other side with special insight and knowledge to share. Years ago, she contracted Lyme’s disease, which she healed with plant medicines. After experiencing the power of medicinal plants first hand, she chose to devote herself to learning everything she could about plants.

She says,

“…after reading a book on how to talk to trees, I realized I’d always been communing with them and that the plant world had a lot of wisdom to offer. I began to regularly connect to the plant spirit realm, though I kept it a secret, mostly going to the trees for advice during emotionally difficult times.”

Amy is a poet, a mystic, and a very old soul. In fact, he PhD is in Medieval French Literature, a period of history she evokes through the spiritual potency of her work.

To learn more about Amy’s work, visit https://www.enosburghessences.com/

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