Underworld ~ Full Moon in Taurus – October 31st, 2020

The end of destruction is the beginning of

becoming. Everything on Earth must be destroyed,

for without destruction nothing can be created. The

new comes out of the old…For man, time is a

destroyer, but for the Cosmos it is an ever-turning


The Hermetica, The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs

The Full Moon in the fixed earth sign of Taurus arrives on October 31st, 2020. In Scorpio season, the Sun has crossed the threshold into the underworld, initiating a journey into the primordial darkness from whence you came.

In the dim light, ancient fears of the cold and dark shiver in the marrow of your bones. This is the season of suffering and sacrifice, asking you to show courage in the face of torment. 

A Full Moon on Halloween has a certain mythic quality, lending the holiday an appropriately dark and stormy ambiance. The stormy quality must be emphasized, for this Full Moon is conjoined by Uranus, the planet associated with lightning strikes and sudden explosions. Thus, this Full Moon will feel like an arrhythmia in an already pounding pulse. 

To the off-peak electricity

Amidst the turmoil of politics and plague, this Halloween will be haunted by many baneful spirits that delight in stirring fear and extorting your goodwill with cruel deceptions. 

And I feel so shaken in my faith

The Moon in Taurus craves the dependable rhythms of nature: the graceful dance of creation. But the influence of Uranus will disrupt Taurus’ tranquility, cracking the earth and significantly altering the landscape. 

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon oppose each other, ushering in a climax of creative and emotional energies. The Moon’s reflection of the Sun’s light completes another cycle in the eternal return. 

The zodiacal sign of Scorpio symbolizes the death of the Sun. In the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio season is the time of year when the Sun’s vitalizing presence begins to fade. Only the ghost of summer remains as the shadows grow long, the leaves start to wither and the earth becomes barren. 

I’m so dirty

And the light blinds my eyes

Across the zodiac, the Moon in Taurus reflects upon the Sun’s descent into darkness, illuminating a vision of the fecundity that death and decay portend. The wisdom of Taurus sees the disintegrating leaves, rotting corpses, and decomposing dreams as offerings of enrichment to the earth. 

With Uranus hovering, your nervous system may become overwhelmed by the collective mania rattling all the windows. It will be both exhilarating and exhausting. 

Dark clouds of dread and anticipation loom on the horizon. Those who are panicking already will probably panic more. But those who are ready for a paradigm shift will be granted a revelation. Whether painful or ecstatic, the truth will set you free.

And the light it blinds my eyes

The season of death is reignites your appreciation for life through loss. Any act that seeks to avoid death, ends up preventing life. The stronger the avoidance of death, the less life there is to enjoy.

And we all went mental and danced

Death is crucial to life. And yet, there is nothing more repressed in modern technocratic society than the fact of death. The blessings of modern life, medicine, long life expectancies and rubbing alcohol, have buried death as deeply beneath our gleaming cities as possible. The atheistic and scientific mentality of this age is so focused upon material existence that what may lie beyond has become an increasingly threatening black hole. 

In a big screen satellite

This Halloween Full Moon will open a portal to that threatening void where science can not enter. These mysterious depths can only be explored by the soul, leading you to discover what lies beneath your limited sense of self. 

The fearful mind turns away in horror. 

But the fearless soul continues its descent, hungry to know an essence of self that lies beyond conditioning and ideology. The descent may be pained by loss but ultimately liberates you from fear. 

A song that beautifully evokes the feeling of this Full Moon in Taurus is Dirty Epic by the British electronic duo, Underworld. Immersive and haunting, their signature blend of techno and stream of consciousness makes a lush soundtrack for this dark time.

With a smell of sugar

And a velvet tongue

And designer voodoo

Dirty Epic satisfies the Moon in Taurus’ craving for the primal rhythm of drums. And it expresses the Uranian currents by translating the throb of organic life into an electronic pulse that breaks on through into another dimension.

Freeze-dried with a new religion

And my teeth stuffed back in my head

Like Orpheus, who travelled between worlds with his lyre, Underworld’s music teleports you between levels of consciousness. In-between the glitches and crossed-wires, the accelerated cycle of disintegration and regeneration produces night blooms of transcendent beauty.

Disappearing down the tube hole on farringdon street

With whiplash willy the motor psycho

Underworld lyrics are surreal and oracular. Like a Rorschach test, the ripples of unstrung words summon the emergence of meaning that has a way of becoming deeply etched in your heart. The stream of consciousness lyrics discard conventional form, letting words spill out freely, flowing from observation…to sensation…to reflection…to memory.

Stream of consciousness is a journey into entropy, where language dissolves into the void. This sacrifice of coherence quickly taps into an endless fountain of luminosity, a fractal wave of meaning. The discovery of hidden fountains is what the underworld journey is really all about, but it demands a willingness to descend, dissolve, and disintegrate in order to get there. Resistance to the descent only halts the regenerative part of the creative process. 

They left me confused

In 2020, an echoing dissonance has blurred the lines of reality, making the days before the US election a time of collective entropy. The world has descended into madness, haunted by the ghost in the machine: the eerie algorithm and its shadow of mind control. 

I will not be confused…with another man

This pressure of opinions

As disquieting as this experience may be, there is something to be gained from this descent. Trying to escape too quickly will only prevent the natural process of regeneration. The laws of nature decree that this dark time is an opportunity to discover enduring truth that has long been buried in the unconscious. In order to succeed, you must trust in the process of entropy and regeneration. 

The underworld contains the fertile soil of the unconscious, where the seeds of arcane knowledge are sown. This fundamental luminosity has died and been reborn upon the earth countless times. Whatever healing is needed for the world can be found here.

Ride the sainted rhythms

At the Full Moon in Taurus, observe the Cosmos as an ever-turning wheel. And whether your personal hopes for the world seem to be realized or lost in the coming days, you can still remain connected to deeper truth, to the eternal rhythm of creation and destruction that wisely governs all things.