STARGAZER ep20 // Cryptocurrency, Financial Sorcery, and Intersectional Witchcraft with Chaweon Koo


Chaweon Koo is easily the most original, innovative, and provocative voice in modern magic. Her YouTube channel Witches & Wine has become one of the most valuable resources for modern occultism. She has interviewed some of the best scholars and practitioners alive today. 

But she is not just a passive interviewer. Chaweon has a white hot intellect and an artistic spirit which has synthesized the vast amount of occult perspectives into a unique magical philosophy that I was privileged to hear in this interview.

As a Korean American following the Western Esoteric path, she embodies the true liminal spirit of magic itself. And as a vocal crypto enthusiast, she is pushing the boundaries of financial sorcery well into the 21st century and beyond. And through her ability to synthesize high and low, pop and art, East and West, she is a postmodern alchemist par excellence.

To speak with Chaweon is to encounter effortless brilliance, good humor and a truly Hermetic spirit. Our talk skips lightly through the cosmos, touching on the occult power of K-pop, ancestral veneration, cultural syncretism, cryptocurrency, financial sorcery, and decentralization in the Aquarian Age to come.

As a former student of mine, I am truly humbled by the achievements Chaweon has made as a magician and philosopher—and I was honored to spend TWO HOURS speaking with her. I have decided not to edit out a moment of our conversation because I know you will all benefit greatly from our EPIC flow.

You can follow Chaweon on TikTok @hichaweon or on YouTube at Witches & Wine.

Below some of the links and resources that Chaweon recommended for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.