Episode 24: Mayan Astrology with Aiesha Cosmos

On this episode of STARGAZER, I’m joined by Mayan Astrologer Aiesha Cosmos.

In this mind blowing conversation, Aiesha breaks down the Mayan Calendar to explain how 2012 was just the beginning of a transitional period in human consciousness and shares her wisdom of the Toltec teachings as a means for self-transformation to prepare yourself for the world to come.

If the world has seemed chaotic and unstable to you for the past few years, you’re not crazy. According to the Mayan calendar, the world is actually in the midst of a transitionary period between cycles. The old order has to die so the new one can be born—but the old order isn’t giving up control so easily. If we expect to give birth to a new world, then we have to train ourselves to be indomitable spiritual warriors.

Aiesha is one of the most powerful spiritual teachers I have had the honor of speaking with. She is true catalyst of change and a portal to a higher dimension of consciousness. May you experience a major paradigm shift by hearing the wisdom she shares in this episode.

From Aiesha’s website:

With over 20 years experience in reading and practicing the Mayan Calendar and 19 years in Tulum, Aiesha weaves the ancient wisdom of archetypal storytelling as she channels an interpretation of your life journey; all the while highlighting the profound guidelines and recommendations this ancient practice has in store for you.

Based on the ancestral and modern symbolism’s of the Mayan Calendar, her sessions are masterfully articulated to guide you in reclaiming the power of your truth as well as unlocking a deeper understanding of your path.

Visit aieshacosmos.com to schedule a Mayan astrology reading or healing ceremony with Aiesha.