Episode 28: Hermetic Philosophy & Creative Alchemy with Marlene Seven Bremner

Marlene “Seven” Bremner is a visionary artist and alchemist. And her new book with Inner Traditions, Hermetic Philosophy and Creative Alchemy, should be on the top of every esoteric student’s reading list. 

In recent decades, the subject of alchemy has been enjoying a renaissance in esoteric publishing. There are dozens of well researched and beautifully written books on the mystical and philosophical path of alchemy. But Hermetic Philosophy and Creative Alchemy is a unique contribution, an illuminated manuscript for the 21st Century that teaches as much through the power of image as it does through words. 

Alchemy is one of the ancient Hermetic arts, sister of astrology. And in alchemy, the planets represent the architecture of inner space, describing the various stages of the creative process.

The Cross Rose in the Garden of Venus (Oil on canvas, 2016)

Seven’s journey into alchemy combines tremendous intellectual depth and artistic spirit. From a scholarly perspective, this book is exquisitely written and intricately researched, densely woven with many ancient threads of esoteric tradition, symbol and myth. But it is her visionary art that really makes the alchemical journey come alive. 

In this interview, I learned that Seven was born with many visionary gifts, highlighted in her natal chart by a triple conjunction between the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in Sagittarius. As such, I wasn’t surprised to learn that her strikingly original style of writing and painting is all self-taught. 

And this book is the result of more than 20 years of her esoteric and creative explorations. 

Hermetic Philosophy and Creative Alchemy takes you on a deep journey into planetary influences and alchemical principles. Through Seven’s eyes, new symbolic connections will emerge to expand the breadth and depth of your esoteric language. Students of Hermeticism will love her flourishing prose and fresh perspectives on traditional concepts. And artists will be inspired to explore their own creative potential with the timeless knowledge of alchemy.

The Cross Rose in the Garden of Venus (Oil on canvas, 2016)

Alchemy cultivates your imagination and invites you to explore the vastness of inner space. And in these Aquarian times, alchemy is essential knowledge. Aquarius values human sovereignty, autonomy, and freedom of imagination as a means of healing the world.

As Seven says: 

“We can really tap into the power of imagination, not just for personal manifestation of the things that we want to have, but to hold a beautiful vision for the world. Instead of focusing on all the negative things, just focus on the dreams of what we do want, what we do want to see and make space and time in our imaginative contemplations for positive visions of what could be.”

Seven is a woman that has the courage to follow her own path and be led by the light of her own imagination. And after reading this book, you’ll feel inspired to do the same.