A natal chart reading provides clarity, perspective, and discovery of hidden talents. Book a natal chart reading today to find renewed purpose in your life.

If you are experiencing a creative block, a transformational shift, or any other persistent issue vital to your life (be it love, money or health), then a natal chart reading with me can help illuminate a fresh and inspiring perspective. I offer an original interpretation of your natal chart that will guide you towards uniting your love, will and desire.

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One-On-One Readings

Full Natal Chart Reading

If you want to discover the depth of your soul and find the inner strength to follow your dreams, then a full natal chart reading is for you!  You will learn about your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sign and more–and how they determine your psychic architecture.  Book a natal chart reading with me and I will help you remember who you are.

Price: $160

Tarot Reading

Book a consultation with the Tarot to remove obstacles and illuminate pathways to follow your bliss.

Price: $80

Epic Astrology-Tarot Reading

The epic reading combines both a natal chart reading and the Tarot.  While the natal chart excavates what is buried within you, the Tarot illuminates the pathways that surround you that will lead to your bliss.  A powerful healing technique is synergized when Tarot and astrology is combined that will lead you on the path to follow your True Will!

Price: $210

Star-Crossed Lovers Synastry Reading

How do two different natal charts work together? How can you use this information to better relate to a partner?
A synastry reading is good for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a a romance or a marriage.. I will offer valuable insight about how two individual natal charts weave together. I will analyze both charts individually to identify relationship needs, draw up a synastry to see how your energies connect, and from this a clear picture of your relationship’s potential will emerge.

Price: $275

Gift Certificates

I offer any of the above packages as gift certificates. To purchase one for a friend, please contact me to discuss.

*Disclaimer- All readings and consultations offered are for good conversation and entertainment purposes only. My readings are not intended to replace the recommendations or expertise of any other professionals, including but not limited to doctors, lawyers, financial advisors or therapists.

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