How can astrology transform my life?” you might ask.

To answer that question, I want to share with you a true story about how I used astrology to completely change my life!

My Story

Back in 2015, I was living out the stereotype of the dejected post-graduate Millennial. You know the story.

Graduated with honors and still no place to go!

Master’s degree in hand 

I was overeducated and under-employed.

-I was up to my neck in debt and most of my precious and naive ideals had been destroyed.

-The educational nonprofit I worked at was a total scam. In collusion with oil refineries and the admins of the LAUSD, my superiors exploited the youth of the poor working class. (soul crushing)

-I found out that my mentor in grad school had not been mentoring me, but was in fact trying to sleep with me. (humiliating)

-And my passion for esoteric and psychedelic studies had alienated me from most of my respectable peers. (disappointing)


My graduate thesis…lol

Every opportunity to join the world of professional academia slammed shut in my face and I remained underemployed, undervalued, and increasingly burdened by depression. (depressing)

The only Millennial cliché I did not act out was moving back in with my parents because in my broken family, there is nowhere to move back into.

Continuing to follow the Millennial script, I bitterly blamed my problems on “systemic oppression” and the “media”.

So how did astrology end up changing all this?

For years I had been giving astrology readings to my friends and they kept telling me that I had a gift and needed to take it seriously.

“Aeolian Heart possesses a unique body of esoteric knowledge: tarot, occult mysteries, psychedelia, astrology, and classical mythology. Woven into this tapestry of wisdom is an impressive literary and philosophical depth that spans from ancient Greek classics to The Romantic period to Timothy Leary.”

DJ Brad Moontribe

But, no matter what my friends said, I never seriously believed that I could pursue my dream of being a professional astrologer, until one day I saw a perfect astrological moment to catalyze a HUGE change in my situation.

Success comes from a mixture of talent, hard work and good timing!

Jupiter, planet of good luck and expansion, entered my 10th house of career on August 11th, 2015. Feeling hopeful about the possibility of some good luck, I looked further.

I saw that Mercury would be transiting my Sun/Midheaven conjunction at 26 degrees Virgo on August 24th, 2015.

Because the sign of Virgo is Mercury’s rulership and place of exaltation, I saw this conjunction as a unique moment to seize upon an explosion of energy that could change my career options for the better.

This transit was a train that I knew I had to catch!mercury

On the night of August 24th, I wrote a letter of intent, dedicating myself to a new career path where I could make a living as a writer (Mercury) and offer my talents to people who would appreciate my services (Virgo) as an astrologer.

That night, I created a free site that I named Aeolian Heart. I wrote my first article two weeks later on September 6th, 2015.

Since that day, I have been steadily climbing!

I quit the dead end job last February and I have not looked back!

Has this journey been easy? NO!
But has it been a great pleasure and a success! YES!

These are the kinds of liberating experiences that I want to  offer to everyone, but in order to be able to really share this knowledge, I knew I would have to start teaching.

This is why I developed my 12-week course: DISCOVERY: The Art and Soul of Astrology!

If you would like me to teach you how to take advantage of a perfect astrological moments to improve the quality of your life, REGISTER HERE!

“Aeolian Heart is a divinatrix with a rare, high level of perception, intuition, and passion (and I say this as someone who’s had about seven birth chart consults with various prominent astrologers).”

– Carolyn Elliott (WITCH Magazine)


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