Do you wish you had more POWER?

The POWER to make your own plan so you don’t have to follow somebody else’s.

The POWER to push through fear and start succeeding.

The POWER to set clear goals and complete them without any excuses.

The POWER to say “NO” to the people who drain you of your time and energy without giving anything in return.

The POWER to seize the day and achieve victory!

No one wants less POWER. Everyone wants more POWER.

That’s because POWER is the key to:

– Taking control of your life to succeed in love, money, and career

– Becoming a strong leader and being respected by your peers

– Fighting injustice and being the change you want to see in the world

– Gaining support for your vision and getting the help to complete it

– Achieving victory in all matters be they personal, business or legal

That’s why I created a class called POWER: The Strength & Strategy of Mars in Capricorn.

On March 17th, Mars entered Capricorn (his most powerful placement in the zodiac), where he will remain for two months.

This class is a celebration of this Mars transit that will teach you how to increase your sense of personal POWER in a healthy way through the magic of astrology!

In this class, you’ll learn all about Mars in Capricorn and how this transit can help you find your POWER.

I created this class to inspire everyone to find a desirable position of respect and influence in this world.

POWER is an amalgam of ancient and modern perspectives on Mars so that these lessons remain relevant and applicable to your life.

I’ve included some powerful exercises that I personally use to increase my effectiveness in anything I need to succeed in.

BEST of all, POWER includes detailed instructions on how to perform effective astrological MAGIC with Mars in Capricorn! 

You’ll receive:

1. A recorded slide-show lecture with questions and answers at the end.

2. A 29-page lesson on the magical meaning and purpose of Mars.

3. A detailed description of why you must make your own plan with five martial laws of power to follow.

4. Detailed instructions on how to make a Mars in Capricorn talisman, including the Hermetic theory behind astrological magic, the correct material correspondences, and suggestions for good timing.

5. Bonus! Spirit into Matter – The Meaning of Mars in Capricorn

Victory is yours. Seize the day. Claim your POWER!

Registration is open.


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