Carolyn Elliott – Author, Editor, Entrepreneur

“Like a lot of us, I love love love tarot and astrology and divination in general – so I gave myself the present the other day of a birth chart reading with Aeolian Heart . . . and I have to tell you, I’m still lit up from it!

Aeolian Heart is a divinatrix with a rare, high level of perception, intuition, and passion (and I say this as someone who’s had about seven birth chart consults with various prominent astrologers).

She helped me feel radically seen and understood in a way I rarely get to feel (best, most relieving feeling ever!)—- and her rich knowledge of Greek magical history, archetype, and story blew me away and helped me to get a much more energized and optimistic perspective on some major currents in my life.

Her rates are very reasonable and if you’re looking for a birth chart reading that can leave you feeling like new parts of your brain and heart are all lit up like a winning pin ball machine, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Aeolian Heart. In general, I think it’s important for magical practice to have at least one birth chart consultation in your life so you have an in-depth notion of what kind of energetic hand you’ve been dealt.”


 Carolyn ElliottEditor in Chief at WITCH magazine and author of Awakening Your Genius: A Seven-Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams