Why You Need An Astrology Reading!unknownHave you ever wondered what is written in the stars about your potential?

If so, it is time for you to book a natal chart reading to find out more!

Or maybe you study astrology and you are already pretty familiar with your natal chart.

If so, it might still be time for you to book a natal chart reading to get some fresh perspectives!


In case you have been ambivalent about seeking astrological consultation, here are the TOP FOUR REASONS why you need a natal chart reading!


starburst2pinkIn the Internet Age, everybody has the illusion of being seen and heard through social media, but far too many people remain feeling isolated, underestimated and misunderstood.

unknown-1In this age where artificial representations of humanity are ever more pervasive, a natal chart reading can be refreshingly intimate and insightful.

An in-depth astrological conversation bestows you with a multi-dimensional view of who you are that far surpasses the scope of any internet avatar. All of your greatest potentials and most difficult challenges are there to be lovingly examined and regarded as very important.

Any good astrologer will offer you the joy of feeling seen and heard at a profoundly deep level! This is a magnificent gift of healing, so needed by people who are committed to developing themselves upon any spiritual or artistic path.unknown-3

The conversation that blossoms during a reading contains magical revelations about who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing! To be seen and heard in this way soothes the spirit and ignites inspiration!

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2. SEX. MONEY. POWER.starburst2lavender

Let’s face it. The most common reason for wanting a natal chart reading, or any other divinatory counsel for that matter, is to address concerns about sex, money and power.

Some very common questions include:

“Why am I so unlucky in love?”

“Why can’t I seem to amass any wealth?”

“What can I do to gain more influence?”

And do you know what’s great about ALL of these questions?

It’s that your natal chart contains TONS of useful information about your relationship to sex, money and power!

unknown-4Therefore, any talented astrologer will be able to provide you with some extremely valuable insight to help you overcome whatever complications you may face in these areas. 

No matter what your questions may be, a great natal chart reading will inspire you to transform your greatest challenges into opportunities for growth!  


Your natal chart is a symbolic map that elegantly describes the celestial configurations that were present at the moment of your birth. In the hands of a talented astrologer, your natal chart becomes an enlivening portrait of your energetic potentials.

And as far as portraits go, natal chart readings are the most intimate of close-ups!

unknown-8Just as there are many times in your life worthy of commissioning a portrait, so too are there many times in life to gift yourself with the pleasure of having a natal chart reading.

unknown-1Even professional astrologers (myself included) get natal chart readings from other astrologers in order to acquire fresh perspectives and unique insights!

Think about it this way. Whether in painting or photography, a well done portrait is meant to reveal the subject’s innermost essence.

unknown-9And a great natal chart reading provides a similar benefit: a portrait of your soul worthy of great pondering and praise.

As Aristotle once said,

“The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes true reality.

Ilse Bing: Self-portrait, 1931 There is nothing quite like the experience of inviting a professional astrologer to offer unique insight into your soul! But, can you read your own natal chart and gain a great deal of insight about the inner significance of things?

Of course you can! In the age of the selfie it has never been easier! Technology has accelerated both the creation of self-portraits  as well as access to learning resources that enable you to use the art of astrology for self-understanding! 

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey


Though modern astrology gains most of its reputation as a metaphysical form of psychological knowledge, astrology has a vast history that obscures most popular understanding. Astrology is in fact one of the most ancient bodies of knowledge in existence, which for millenniums was an intrinsic part of all science and philosophy.unknown-11Therefore, to thoroughly understand your natal chart, is to be initiated into a completely transformed consciousness of time, as well as the rudimentary aspects of Hermetic philosophy.

Thus, your natal chart can open up a more magical perspective on life that
identifies you, the microcosm, to be a divine reflection of the macrocosm, which is the entire cosmos.

“Nature is a language. Can’t you read?”

unknown-12A natal chart reading can be greatly instrumental in enabling you to regain a sense of interconnectedness with the universe. Astrology conceives of each living organism as a seed which contains the entire cosmos, as a hologram of the infinite. As the ancient Hermeticists famously said:

“As above, so below.

As within, so without.”

unknown-13Astrology reveals that there is music in the universe and in all living organisms. In its rhythm we live, witnessing the principle of form guiding its own evolution. Astrology is a language that elegantly interprets this music of the spheres and enables you to live your life more gracefully.


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