STARGAZER ep 12 // Mercury Magic & the Origins of Aeolian Heart

I’m pleased to share with you the season finale of STARGAZER: a podcast about astrology, alchemy & magic.

In this episode, I reminisce with my husband on the origins of Aeolian Heart—and what it’s taken to get us this far.

Did you know that this month is the *official* 5 year anniversary of Aeolian Heart Astrology?

Time really has a way of catching up with us.

To be perfectly honest, the last five years of growing my own creative enterprise has been the most humbling and intense learning experience in my life.

The herky jerky rollercoaster ride between gaining momentum, taking off, plateauing, crash landing, and gaining momentum again has been both agonizing and ecstatic.

There are times when I think I’ve crash-landed for good…

…but when you are illuminated by the inner fire, nothing will stop you from rising out of your own ashes.

Needless to say, I was really excited when my husband Andrei agreed to come on the podcast to have a talk with me celebrating the five year anniversary of Aeolian Heart.

As you might know, Andrei has been my partner in crime since starting Aeolian Heart.

I honestly wouldn’t have been able to grow it to what it is without his unending service.

In this season-closing episode, we talk about the epic ritual dedication to Mercury that we did to launch Aeolian Heart.

Mercury rules language, communication systems, and mass media…

…as well as merchants, commerce, and currency.

Seems like the sort of ally you’d want when launching your own online creative business, doesn’t it?

Looking back, I have to say that this was the most successful magic spell that I ever did.

And I’m really excited to share it with you in this episode of STARGAZER—the season finale!

What better way to close the first season that with a look back at everything it took to get here?

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