Tax Day, April 15th 2015

Dark Moon in Pisces – Tax Day, April 15th, 2015

11140272_1627907280755678_1074056979640632238_n-1Today, the Hanged Man says:

“You have sought happiness by taking Delusion as your paramour, calling her Beauty as she demanded. At night, you sleep beside her, breathing softly as you die, an intellectual suicide and philosophical murder in your bed. The night sky is a mere painting on your bedroom wall and you never seek to question why the heavens do not circle you! All of your maps are just crude drawings of a non-existent territory. Know that you will never find freedom within rhetoric.”


Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth grows inside the nexus of fear, like a fruit tangled in brambles. Truth is a shape-shifting consciousness of evolution, and when you’re in alignment with it, you will find yourself filled with enthusiasm and horror. Modern technocratic society, still patriarchal, hierarchical and divorced from nature, contextualizes your life against a background filled with the wrathful consequences of blasphemy and the healing catharsis of tragedy.

Today is one that offers transpersonal experience to flow through your subjective perceptions. Be quiet and still. As you meditate, allow the enormous wave of human history to find its apex in all that is and is not you.
When you come back to a focused point of individuality, you will feel greatly renewed in your purpose.