Beautiful and Free ~ September 28th – October 4th

In the wake of Sunday’s total lunar eclipse, you may feel stimulated and full of questions about what just happened. If you peruse metaphysical or New Age blogs, even in the most peripheral way, you have no doubt encountered the myriad of interpretations for this eclipse. No matter what the spiritual interpretation, Sunday’s culmination of the tetrad of Blood-Moon lunar eclipses, was an event that most of the world was simultaneously interested in and there was great power in that. dance

What is primal and essential about eclipses, without interference from specific cultural narratives, is that they bring forth a sense of deep cosmic time and of being in tune with cosmic timing. Eclipses are an open arms invitation for every sentient being to become one with the rhythm within and without. Think of the euphoric sensation experienced while listening to music and dancing. There is a profound sense of release and relief in the moment of becoming one with rhythm!

Whatever creative outpouring results from that experience of becoming one with rhythm can be called by any number of terms: ascension, purification, or satori. Call it whatever feels good to you and remember that even after these intense communions with the universe, life goes on complete with boredom and struggle. However, music, once imprinted, never really leaves one’s heart and that is the eternal gift of the eclipse cycle that just ended. You have been given the gift of a new rhythm. 

This week will be an interesting beginning to a new era.

I. King of Pentacles II. Queen of Swords III. The Tower

I. King of Pentacles
II. Queen of Swords
III. The Tower

Tarot Reading for September 28th-October 4th, 2015

Monday/Tuesday: The King of Pentacles

In the wake of the eclipse, you have been empowered by a driving force of motivation.  For Monday and most of Tuesday, the Moon remains in Aries, the sign of the lunar eclipse. The fire of your will to individuate, express, and ignite your dreams into manifestation are very much alive! Whatever you released to the total eclipse has given you a sense of newness and freshness in your thinking. Following your inspiration and instincts will be more natural in these first couple of days. Allow yourself to feel guided and protected.

Wednesday/Thursday: The Queen of Swords

The Sun in Libra and Mercury retrograde in Libra will go conjunct on Wednesday, giving you the insight to work through a linguistic or diplomatic problem in your life. There is a brooding internalized power building strength inside you that will allow you to develop a previously unrealized strategy for solving an issue that you probably thought you needed more help with. Feel free of that burden! Thursday marks the first day of October, which prepares you for the encroaching darkness of the fall season and you may feel that first fluttering sensation of the approaching holidays. In the spirit of the Libra Sun, cultivating the proper disciplines in your life for ‘right speech’ and the ‘right action’ that follows will be highly favored.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: The Tower

The weekend does not bring disaster and cataclysm. Quite the opposite in fact. Despite the first feelings evoked by the image of The Tower, this is actually a card which urges you to see that you have liberated yourself from an element of darkness that had been holding you prisoner. In most cases, imprisonment is a mental state of ignorance. The lightening blasting through the Tower is the Truth that sets you free.

One can be imprisoned most effectively through rigid belief systems. Consider that the natural state of belief should allow for growth and change and fun. But when belief becomes too rigid, its power becomes malignant: learning comes to a screeching halt and dogmatic systems of “thought” emerge as the sour and bitter fruit of consciousness.

Consider how many ideologies and beliefs you were conditioned into through family, religion, mass media, and politics etc… You can endlessly deconstruct the amount of behaviors and actions that have become routine in your life based upon “cultural programming”, and that deconstructionist lens can often present a grim and depressing sense of feeling fated to remain forever an inculcated subject of propaganda and politics. This is the GOOD news of The Tower card, for it depicts the rigidity of beliefs being destroyed to make way for a fluid and creative state of mind. The Tower is that “hand of god” which frees you from your ignorance and enables you to expand your compassion, your talents, and your spiritual evolution. This weekend is a time to feel beautiful and free!

golden dawn (1)

Antique Opal Cameo (artist unknown)

In the last lines of his lyrical drama, Prometheus Unbound, (1820) Percy Shelley writes a beautiful declaration for the liberation of the human spirit from hatred and oppression.  I leave it to him to inspire you! 

“To defy Power, which seems omnipotent;

To love, and bear; to hope till Hope creates;

From its own wreck the thing it contemplates;

Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent; 

This, like thy glory, Titan,

is to be Good, great and joyous,

beautiful and free;

This is alone Life, Joy,

Empire, and Victory.”

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