Judge So That You Will Be Judged ~ October 19 – 25

Besides, I try to judge things for myself; to judge wrong, I think, is more honourable than not to judge at all.

-Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

This week begins with the waxing Moon in Capricorn, building momentum in the growth of ideas, projects, or relationships which you have been nurturing since the full moon eclipse last month. tumblr_nca1mdB68h1txeruoo1_500With the Sun and Mercury still in Libra, conscious judgment on your part is a primary element of your experience until the Sun moves into Scorpio on Friday. Libra teaches that making judgments is good, so long as you are continuously fine tuning your instruments of perception to promote balance. But balance is not inherent, so rather than pretending to be neutral and objective about everything, judge so that you will be judged. Engage in the give and take of being a social creature by learning to judge well with consideration to everyone. Forming your own opinions and listening to those of other people is necessary, and this reciprocal act of voicing your discernment and being attentive to that of others is the best way to nurture your compassion and your rationality.

It is best to be attentive to the Sun in Libra’s final lessons, for your ability to judge with flourishing attention to balance and fairness is how you will find satisfaction in your performance. Libran diplomacy is the test of character that allows one to usher in Scorpio’s writhing emotional intensity with grace. This week, conflicts are present because compromises are an art form to be mastered!

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I. The Last Judgment II. Three of Swords III. Strength

Monday/Tuesday: The Last Judgment

On Monday afternoon, the Moon in Capricorn will conjunct Pluto, making a trine to Mars and Jupiter, also conjunct, in Virgo. These aspects in earth signs lend great power to your ability to discern credibility in ideas and to make judgments based on your ability to listen to wisdom. This is an excellent condition to experience the Last Judgment card, which represents a moment in life when you can acknowledge that your internal state has been dictated by external events for too long and it is time to find stillness and contentment in response to any outside influence. For example, if someone were to judge you harshly for something, you will find the power to listen but not internalize the criticism today. Though it is typical to consider external situations as the cause of your internal state, it is within your power to change your feelings and perspectives from the inside out. You can willfully change a habit or an attitude now by dedicating your life to peace of mind and allowing transformation to support and inspire you.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Three of Swords

ICopy_of_scaryeyes21n the middle of the week, the Three of Swords highlights the feeling of mental agony, usually caused by a personal conflict of interest or a conflict between people. This conflict will be a test of the insights you have had from the beginning of the week. It will be tempting to let the internal state of misery run amok and inhibit your progress, but remember that the art of compromise is the answer to this issue.

On Thursday, Mercury in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn: a day of influence has arrived! Your compromise may actually be accepted. But, this influence you will have over others requires careful knowledge of how to empower, enchant, and enthrall! With instincts alone, you might succeed at persuading stubborn people to shift their perspective, but it would be best to proceed with caution as you are just as vulnerable to coercion as anyone else. Remember, the universe is an intelligence test and you will be challenged at the level that you are currently at. Any tendency for arrogance should be carefully tempered on this day.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Strength

The Strength card indicates that you will be ready for the high intensity of emotional experience that are on the horizon now that the Sun is in Scorpio. This is the sign, ruled by Pluto, that is enamored with all things mysterious, occult, and intimately connected through secrets and sexual desire.

Take note of the emotional temperature change on Friday if you can, for this is when the Sun plunges into Scorpio and Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. On this day, huge creativity can be accessed and a potent vision of your future may be revealed to you that gives you a lot of renewed Strength. Be mindful of the difference in your primary focus and notice how much deeper your feelings have become. This is an excellent time to create a new sense of intimacy with yourself, meaning you can use the intensity of feeling brewing beneath the surface to give you some of the clearest guidance and intuition you have experienced in a very long time. Knowing how you feel means knowing much more about where you should be going and what you are attracting into your life. This really is the most essential knowledge to your well-being.

by Noella Roos

by Noella Roos

On Sunday, Jupiter and Venus will be conjunct, making this an amazing moment to embody pleasure and generosity with yourself and others. Notice how easily the right mood and the right company will come to you. Feel the joy of expressing yourself through pleasure, noting how hedonism need not be chaotic, but can be tastefully curated within Virgoan energy. This night may be a prelude to Halloween’s “rite of reversal”, without all the obvious excess. Lastly, Mercury will make an opposition to Uranus, stimulating new ideas for the new emerging narrative that you are choosing to live through.
 This can stimulate your creative life very positively, so even a gentle search for inspiration may produce a roaring desire to express yourself! tumblr_m0sgsyBOSb1rrck8bo1_400