There’ll Be Music Everywhere ~ July 11th-17th, 2016

The official story behind Dancing in the Street, the 1964 song by Martha and the Vandellas, is that it was written and recorded to be a loveable pop hit for Motown records. That it certainly was!


But fifty years ago was a tense and volatile period that has bears a lot of resemblance to the social issues of the present. In 1964, across the United States many cities including, Philadelphia and Harlem, N.Y., saw race riots. In Atlantic City, N.J., protestors screamed outside the Democratic National Convention and in Washington, D.C., anti-war activists took over the National Mall.

With consideration to all of the turmoil of 1960’s America, Dancing in the Street lended itself well to a double meaning. It was an exuberant pop song that celebrated love and life as well as an anthem for the myriad of protestors who were gathering in the streets. The cultural importance of this song contains a revelation within a disguise. 


This week will be much like Dancing in the Street, in that you will be roused to enjoy life just as you are inspired you to find courage and strength in the face of terrifying social unrest.

The most remarkable characteristic of this week will be the transition of both Venus and Mercury from the watery realm of Cancer into the ignited fire of Leo! With Venus and Mercury leaving Cancer, the emphasis on reminiscence and comfort will take a flamboyant turn towards the radiation of light and heat. 



Callin’ out around the world

Are you ready for a brand new beat?

After the deepest emotions (Cancer) have been properly integrated, the full range of human expression is ignited by Leo, full of courage, charisma, and radiant warmth.

This week, while the Sun remains in Cancer, you will continue to contemplate the world through an historical and often sentimental gaze, but the embers of Leonic fire building in your heart will let you shine with lustrous ardor.



Summer’s here and the time is right

For dancin’ in the street

If you wish to captivate a new lover, a circle of friends or an audience, this is the week to expect your charms and talents to have greater effect. If you have been staying in too much, this is a week to go out and have some fun. If you have been lost in the inertia of sense memory, this week is the time to give in to some revelry.

Groucho Marx and Diana Ross (1966).

All we need is music (sweet sweet) sweet (sweet sweet) music

There’ll be music (music) everywhere (everywhere)

They’ll be swingin’ and swayin’ and records playin


Monday/Tuesday: Are You Ready for a Brand New Beat?

The week begins with the First Quarter Moon in Libra and Mercury in Cancer’s square to Uranus in Aries. This is an excellent time to examine issues in life that have long been in a stalemate as Uranian energies are liberating and your mind will be lit up with Promethean flames, giving you the gift of great foresight.


04 -olympic-flame


Aspects to Uranus usually add an element of surprise, so expect an increase in nervous tension as well as some unusual excitement. You may feel that your life picks up some speed or you may hear sudden news which sends a shockwave through a few of your ignorant assumptions.

Fortunately, the waxing Moon in Libra will give you a proclivity for judicious and harmonious reactions to whatever strange turns of events that you might encounter. You will feel more embraced by other people and more inclined towards collaboration.

They’re dancin’ in Chicago (dancin’ in the street)

Down in New Orleans (dancin’ in the street)

In New York City (dancin’ in the street)

On Tuesday, Venus will leave behind the soft sea of Cancer for the vibrant land of Leo! Feel how much bolder and more expressive your Venusian side becomes. (sense of beauty, attractiveness, sensuality) Expect to feel more expressive, more golden, and more seductive.

All in all, Venus in Leo offers an uplifting and exuberant feeling, so find an appropriate avenue with which to express this.

With Venus in Leo you will begin to garner a little more attention, when and where you can, for the things that you take great pride in. From behind a flurry of flowers, feathers, and veils, Venus in Leo urges you to bare your soul.

Aw, it doesn’t matter what you wear

Just as long as you are there

So come on every guy

Grab a girl, everywhere around the world

We’ll be dancin’


Wednesday/Thursday: Music Everywhere

Just nineteen hours after Venus’ transition in Leo, on Wednesday, Mercury quickly follows propelling your mind with new animation! Having long wandered the mazeways of malleable memory in Cancer, Mercury’s new placement in a fire sign will lend itself towards making passionate speeches, offering confident opinions, and carefully cultivating a likable persona.

The middle of the week will be a time when you really begin to assess where you might do better in terms of self-expression. Have you been living as too much of an enigma lately? How might you best play with shadow and light to offer a more impactful performance of who you really are?


Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Summer’s Here and the Time is Right

On Saturday, Mercury exactly conjoins Venus at 5 degrees Leo. Thus, the verve of Venusian joy will blend with Mercury’s linguistic flair! This is a moment ripe for making declarations of love that flow straight from the heart.

If there is an important conversation that you need to have that depends on your panache, this is the weekend to begin that dialogue. Likewise, with Mercury and Venus conjunct in Leo, there will be ample opportunities to open up creatively in poetry, drama, music, or dance.


When theoretical knowledge and the instinct for beauty flicker as one enduring flame, there is no telling what incredible creations you might be capable of producing. Whatever else you do this week, take time this weekend for romance, for music and for the love of life itself!

(Dancin in the street)

Way down in L.A. everyday

The Sun in Cancer will also be making some significant aspects which will open you up to unusual flexibility that bends in devotion to the pursuit of joy!

It must be said that astrological knowledge can never be used to plot out your life to achieve perfection. Astrology instead offers a sense of rhythm so that life can become more like a dance, rather than aimless wandering or an arduous march.

This emphasis on flexibility is especially pronounced when there are aspects to Uranus, the planet of liberation and catharsis! This week is bookended by great attention to the need for adaptability.

Get in time we’re dancin’ in the street

The Sun will square Uranus in Aries, recalling the themes from Mercury’s square to Uranus on Monday, which brought some unexpected new insights.

They’ll be music everywhere (everywhere)

They’ll be swingin’ and swayin’ (swayin’)

And records playin’ (playin’)

When the world begins to swing and sway, you must also swing and sway, lest you crumble. When you feel resistant to your own evolution, note that your sense of destiny and purpose can only be inspiring if it is allowed to remain a shape-shifting ideal that is always one step ahead.

The Sun will also be trining Mars in Scorpio at this time, offering the initiative and the lust for life that you need to enact anything! Your passions will be born as actions as speedily as your actions are born into confidence and charm.

With Mercury and Venus in Leo as well, your capacity for influencing others and making great progress towards cultivating warm genuine connections will be greatly embellished!

Relish these times!

(Dancin’ in the street)

Across the ocean blue, me and you