How Many Fates Turn Around ~ July 25th-31st, 2016


Most people agree that the world is a frightening place right now. Any modicum of sensate intelligence reveals that life offers many gaping portals to hell. In the face of global economics, environmental disaster and international affairs, the danger to survival may be very real. But there is enough courage and adaptability in humanity to meet any opposition.

If all the world is a stage, then it is only through great adversity that drama can be created. Whether the character of your life feels more like a comedy or a tragedy, remember that crisis is the nexus of your development.


This week, the Moon is waning and in the darkening of the night, this week will be a natural time for deeper reflection upon the unconscious aspects of existence. In this darkness, you may encounter amorphous dreamscapes that call you to traverse the wilderness of your mind, following a path all the way to the frayed edges of sanity.

Dreamland by Emma Florence Harrison

You say you don’t want it again and again but you don’t don’t really mean it

You say you don’t want it this circus we’re in but you don’t really mean it

Sometimes the only intelligent response to the world is grief. With that fact in mind, this will be a perfect week to articulate some of the hand-wringing, nail-biting torment which bubbles up from the well of human emotion. Because the Sun is in Leo now, rather than maintaining a visage of stoicism, you will be guided to qualify your feelings with some more pronounced expressions of your afflictions.

Gnostic Sophia

When the human heart swells with joy, it is a beautiful song of innocence. And when the human heart bleeds with sorrow, it is a beautiful song of experience. This week, try not to censor your heart. Let it burst and let it bleed. This last week of July can offer much needed visceral catharsis.

Mariana by Emma Florence Harrison

Monday/Tuesday: The Light in the Dark

She’s addicted to nicotine patches
She’s afraid of the light in the dark
6:58 are you sure where my spark is

On Monday, the Moon will travel through the sign of Aries, trining Venus and Mercury in Leo and conjuncting Uranus in Aries. Passions will usurp habits of behavior and speech, adding some refreshing novelty to your day. You may read a familiar passage from a book only to find that you never understood its implicit meaning before this day.


Likewise, you may find that your reactions to emotional stimuli will be suddenly altered. Just as a wildfire uncovers a new path through the brush, so too will you find that a huge clearing has been made for you navigate your responses and reactions to stress. Though there is a risk of this condition erupting into volatility, this rapid clearing may just as well unburden you from feeling completely lost in a maze.

On Tuesday, the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus will offer you experiences that will begin the process of integration. The bits and pieces of mixed up feelings evoked by this lunation cycle will begin to organize into holistic stability. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, so even in the light of its last quarter, there will be a pull to find stability in the wisdom of the senses.

Life is bittersweet, but you are attuned to detect both tastes for great purpose.

Caged by Henry Justice Ford

Caged by Henry Justice Ford

Wednesday/Thursday: Say You Don’t Want It

How many fates turn around in the overtime?

On Wednesday, Mercury in Leo will trine Uranus in Aries. Astrology often describes Uranus, the planet of Promethean fire, to be the higher octave of Mercury. Consider Mercury to be the expression of human intellect that transmutes chaos into linguistic order while Uranus is the expression of genius that transmutes language into primordial magic.

The Torture of Prometheus - Jean Louis César Lair

The Torture of Prometheus – Jean Louis César Lair

Thus, when Mercury and Uranus form a harmonious aspect, your mind becomes illuminated to the realm of the protegenoi, where all time is eternally present. In the beginning was the word and the world was spoken into existence: a magnificent narration of the divine’s waking dream.

The Gnostic Sophia and the Anima Mundi

Gnostic Sophia and the Anima Mundi

With such a magnificent window open into the mind of the universe, this is a day to live out a story carried by miraculous synchronicity, where nothing is prosaic and everything is illuminated. Any lingering beliefs you might cling to regarding your ill-fated future can be obliterated today. Your word contains the seed of all creation and this is a day to deeply contemplate this. With a word, you may turn your fate towards the Sun.


Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Are You Sure Where My Spark Is

If the divine master plan is perfected
Maybe next I’ll give Judas a try

On Friday, Uranus stations retrograde at the same time that Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Scorpio. Uranus will be in retrograde until December, so this day marks the beginning of a period where your strikingly ingenuitive qualities will become more sublimated. When Uranus is direct, its energy is stirring, dredging up many overt experiences with chaos and synchronistic opportunity.

The Hand of Mysteries

Hand of Mysteries

However, with Uranus in retrograde, the area of your chart that has been agitated by all this stirring will now settle down to allow for internal alchemy. If you have been pushing really hard to make something happen which has yet to manifest, the period of Uranus’ retrograde is likely to be the time when your plans will begin to come into fruition.

The subtle restrictions imposed upon your consciousness through conditioning and negating beliefs will be slowly broken down and released. The next five months of internal changes may seem subtle, but should be regarded as offerings to the sacred eternal flame that enlivens your spirit.

Rapunzel by Emma Florence Harrison

When Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Scorpio, impulsivity will heat your thoughts, creating conditions that might erupt in the passions of anger, hostility, and frustration. Think of yourself as being very high-spirited this day and do whatever you can to channel this surge of energy into something physically challenging or competitive.


Without some kind of terrain to conquer or some challenge to contend with, you may find yourself embroiled in some very predictable conflicts with others. This is the kind of transit where political debates and heavy drinking should be avoided unless you really want to get into a fight.


On Saturday, Mercury will move out of Leo and transition into Virgo, its sign of rulership and exaltation. The weekend therefore brings with it a great lift in mental acuity and precision. If there is an area of life where you must develop more discrimination, this is the right time for you to initiate that intention. Mercury will be in Virgo for quite some time since it will retrograde in this sign later this summer.

Thus, you might as well take advantage of this protracted period of time where you may develop precision and exactitude. Mercury in Virgo will enable you to separate the wheat from the chaff, to filter out the extraneous elements of your work, and to purify your thoughts of polluting distractions.

How many fates turn around in the overtime?
Ballerina’s that have fins that you’ll never find
You thought that you were the bomb yes well so did I


On Sunday, Venus in Leo will trine stationary retrograde Uranus in Aries. With Venus’ high energy in Leo in a flowing aspect to the liberating force of Uranus, you will take great pleasure in breaking out of mundane routines to seek the lifeblood of exultant experience. You will likely feel inspired and excitable to a degree that you may meet an extraordinary new person or experiment with a previously neglected mode of creativity. Venus trined Uranus sings the body electric! Enjoy the buzz of a particularly high voltage day.

In these last days of golden July, find the inspiration to steer your own course and create a new fate.