Summertime Sadness ~ September 4th-10th, 2017

Kiss me hard before you go

Summertime sadness

I just wanted you to know

That baby, you the best

In the Northern Hemisphere, the shimmering light of summer is drawing nearer and nearer to its end. There are many long sighs, for the dazzling enchantments of abundant light and life are truly beginning to fade now. This is when the romantic agony of summertime sadness begins to possess your imagination with impossible dreams and selfish desires to keep things the way they used to be.

Think I’ll miss you forever

Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky

No matter what hemisphere you may live in, this week the Sun will travel through the middle of the sign of Virgo, where the Virgin is most occupied by her responsibilities to purify your relationship between the spiritual and the material. Though it is easy to perceive spirit and matter as being divided by the lines of visibility and tangibility, it is Virgo’s task to clarify their relationship once more.  

By the end of the week, the Sun, Mercury and Mars will all be in the sign of Virgo. Thus, this week will illuminate the Virgin’s hermetic understanding of the world, articulating your ability to interpret how surreal thoughts and symbolic dreams become manifest in external representations of daily life.

I got my red dress on tonight

Dancin’ in the dark in the pale moonlight

This week, you may take the time to observe how the ambiance of your inner world is projected outwardly into the drama of light and shadow.

And remember, you are not a helpless bystander. When the Sun is in Virgo, you are much more akin to a lucid dreamer, empowered to direct your course and purge the darkness and disease from your environment. Thus, this week, resolve to respond to all signs of malady with patience, knowing that your confrontation with sadness and discomfort may be a necessary part of your healing. 

Oh my God, I feel it in the air

Telephone wires above

Are sizzlin’ like a snare

Honey I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere

Nothin’ scares me anymore

In preparation for the coming of autumnal darkness, the mutable sign of Virgo stirs up the psyche, distilling your mental and emotional energies. Psychologically speaking, Virgo’s distillation process agitates the psyche, dredging up the heaviest impurities so that they can ultimately be purified. Hence, this time of year often bears a heavy cloud of melancholy that passes over the light within.

From the wisdom teachings of American pop music, Eddie Cochran once sang, there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”. And there really is no cure for the summertime blues, or the summertime sadness, that pervades this time of year. There is no cure is because this sadness does not arise from illness, but is a natural quality of the purification process that happens when the Sun moves through the sign of Virgo.

Honey I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere

Though described as sadness, the emotions of this week are actually quite bittersweet. Thus it will be alluring to give into your moods and fade into the world that exists behind closed eyes. Relish your feelings as much as you can. Think how good it feels to let your heart ache when you are enfolded in the arms of music. In much the same way, when ensconced in Virgoan wisdom, summertime sadness can be an exultant experience of healing.

I’m feelin’ electric tonight

Cruisin’ down the coast, goin’ about 99

Got my bad baby by my heavenly side

I know if I go, I’ll die happy tonight

Rather than feeling weighed down, imagine this week’s emotional tone to be more like a sweeping melody that leaves you awash in a luxurious resonance of extravagant melancholy.

If there is any remedy for summertime sadness at all, it is in letting yourself dissolve into the rhythms of music, into the ocean tides and into the humming that your subtlest senses can hear from beneath the earth. Whatever melancholy you may feel, know that the seasonal rhythms and cycles will carry you through to the other side. Submit to the process.

Monday/Tuesday: Dancin’ in the Dark 

The beginning of the week will feel quite dreamy and dissolute, as the Sun in Virgo will exactly oppose Neptune in Pisces. These days may have some of the qualities of a waking dream, somewhat disassociated and filled with vivid imagery that evokes an important message. On Tuesday, September 5th, Mercury will station direct at 28 degrees Leo which is the degree where the recent total eclipse occurred.  

Your mind will be opened to whatever new possibilities that the Solar Eclipse illuminated. As the wheels begin to move forward once again, you may begin to think more strategically about the future, laying down some plans that can carry you into the next stage of development. And since Mercury will also be in an exact trine with Uranus, there may be some surprises or some brilliant ideas that arrive to aid you in making your transition to a new style, routine, or mode of thought.  

Whatever you may need to devote your time to now will be greatly aided by Mars’ ingress into Virgo, where willpower is harnessed into its most diligent form. Your standards for the quality of your work will be raised at this time and your attention to details that should not be overlooked will also increase.

Wednesday/Thursday:  I Got That Summertime Sadness

If the beginning of the week was like the first verse of a song, then the middle of the week will feel like the chorus, arriving with the Full Moon in Pisces that occurs in the liminal hours, just after midnight in Los Angeles.

This Full Moon will be conjunct the planet Neptune, ushering in a hypnotic tidalwave. This Full Moon in Pisces brings with it a layer of shimmering mist. Such conditions tend to blur the boundaries between conscious and subconscious mind and so you may find that whether you are sleeping or not, this Full Moon night will seem surreal, with subterranean symbols bursting forth into light of consciousness.

Virgo’s distillation efforts will be greatly aided by the psychic agitation created through this open portal to the subconscious. Though there is ecstatic bliss and creative communion to be had in the vaporous realms of Neptune, remember that the doors of deception and delusion are also thrown wide open at this time. Prepare yourself.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Honey I’m On Fire

On Saturday, the Sun in Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn, unifying their forces for a transitory moment of significance. This is a day when your responsibilities may feel very intense. But it also a day where your instincts will push you to flex your power and exert your influence wherever necessary. The whole week has been a revelation regarding what must be purified in order to prepare for a necessary change. Thus, this is a day when you will be empowered to push out whatever has become diseased in your life.

The Sun in Virgo and Pluto have a gift for purging and purifying. Thus, you may want to rid yourself of a toxic person or habit on this day as you will be greatly supported in the effort.

The week concludes with the illumination of one of Virgo’s crown jewels. On Sunday, Mercury will return to his place of rulership and exaltation in Virgo, where the collective mind will gleam brightly with remarkable insight and intelligence.

Mercury will be in Virgo for the next three-weeks. Think of this period as being the climax of Mercury’s cycle through the zodiac. While Mercury is in Virgo, there is a general uplift to the mental acuity and precision that you are afforded. So no matter what you may be enduring in life, you may use this time to really think things through. Sift and sort through your mind, spinning fragmented thoughts into ideas that are then woven into elegant theories.

Let the remainder of summer be guided by your increasingly illuminated intelligence. Summon this to make your words more cunning, to ask important questions, and to make the order of your life more efficient for the coming months. 




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all artwork by Willy Pogány