Celebrate and Dance ~ March 18th-24th, 2019

This week, the Sun will complete its annual journey through the zodiac, reaching its culmination and completion in the final degrees of Pisces. In the last two days of this fading season, you may reflect upon the year you’ve just endured.

What are your feelings on things now? What lessons have you integrated?

One more time we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don’t stop the dancing

To be in rhythm with the seasons transforms your life into a graceful dance. On Wednesday, the wheel of the year will turn once again and the equinox will arrive to herald the dawn of spring. As the Sun moves into Aries, the invincible pulse that underlies all of creation will quicken. Like the earth itself, you will start to feel awakened and aroused into action.

Music’s got me feeling the need
We’re gonna celebrate

No matter what sorrow you may be holding, the feeling of celebration will emerge in every new leaf and flower.

The rebirthing energy of the equinox is greatly intensified this year by the Full Moon in Libra opposed to Chiron. This will erupt in raw nerves and deep vulnerability. Fortunately, the Sun in Aries has such a determined momentum, this pain will awaken new courage within you. The Arian spirit will inspire you to seize the day and cut through all obstacles.

No matter how dark the winter has been, the Sun in Aries arrives to inspire and encourage you to grow. As the Sun’s light awakens the earth’s vernal magic, you will find inspiration everywhere! Admire the tiny leaves that bejewel the tips of the branches.

In spring there is music in the air, a triumphant ode to joy that celebrate the earth’s renewal!

Celebrate and dance so free…

It is that feeling, described by so many ancient Greek poets, of Demeter’s inexplicable joy! In ancient Greece, it was at the spring equinox that Persephone was said to return from the underworld.

We don’t stop, you can’t stop
We’re gonna celebrate

Some of the most ancient esoteric practices in Greece revolved around the Eleusinian Mysteries, a mythic study of death and rebirth. At the fall equinox, Persephone’s descent into the realm of Hades was observed. As the earth grew cold and bare, Persephone’s mother Demeter was said to be in mourning.

But at the spring equinox, Persephone returned to the earth, heralding the rebirth of new life and Demeter’s joy. The initiates of the Eleusinian Mysteries identified with both Goddesses, ritualizing the blissful experience of Persephone’s suffering finding comfort in reunion with her mother. It was a spiritual experience to feel Demeter’s joy in the air of springtime. If the last three months have been hard and cold, take some time to sit outside feeling for these glimmers of joy.

Music’s got me feeling the need
We’re gonna celebrate

Astrology is important because it allows you to deeply acknowledge the effect that seasons have upon the internal quality of life. Just as in ancient Greek Mystery schools, astrology describes the fall and winter as a time of death which can be poetically described as Persephone’s descent into the Underworld.

For those initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries, the purpose of experiencing death was to increase the majesty and beauty of life itself. Even after the heaviest of sorrows, the light of life and love always returns in full bloom.

In ancient Greece, the natural cycle of death and rebirth offered a transcendent vision to those willing to accept it as a gift. In the fifth century BCE, the poet Pindar described the Elysian Fields, a heavenly place where those who were favored by the gods and blessed by the knowledge of the Mysteries would live on for eternity.

“ …near them blossoms a flower of perfect joy.

Perfumes always hover above …

From the frankincense strewn in the deep-shining fire of the gods’ altars.

Happy is he…having seen these rites…;

for he knows the end of life and he knows its god-sent beginning.”

Consider that the waves happiness that you experience at the dawn of spring may be your soul’s remembering of an eternal realm of perfect joy.

With the Sun newly arrived in Aries, listen for the joyful sounds of Persephone’s return.

Music’s got me feeling so free…
Celebrate and dance so free

In the thousand blended notes of springtime, listen for the subtler rhythms that the ancients called the Music of the Spheres. This is the harmonic fabric of the universe in which the planets and humanity finds their natural weave.

Monday/Tuesday: Just Feelin’

The last days of Pisces season offer the release and dissolution of the sadness and strain of last year. Enjoy the feeling of anticipation for the change in seasons. The waxing Moon in Virgo will orient you towards organized preparation and efficient use of time. You would be wise to clean and refresh your mind, environment, or workspace in honor of the approaching equinox.

Wednesday/Thursday: Celebration

The middle of this week will set your world on fire. On Wednesday, the Sun moves into the fire sign of Aries at the equinox, beginning the zodiacal new year. At the same time the Moon becomes Full in Libra, asking you to start this new era of your life in a state of harmony and poise. Under the Full Moon’s influence, some ancient wounds from the past will be healed, transmuted from darkest winter into the fertile energy of spring.

Also on this first day of spring, Mercury Rx in Pisces will be sextile to Saturn in Capricorn giving you a moment of clarity and orientation in this otherwise surreal retrograde.

And the influence of Mars in Taurus trine to Pluto in Capricorn will summon you to lead and command with confidence. You will forge ahead into this season of renewal, pushing straight through challenges and obstacles.

On Thursday, Venus in Aquarius will square Mars in Taurus and sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Since Mars is in Taurus, a Venus ruled sign, the powers of Venus in Aquarius will overpower Mars in this square. The concurrent trine between Mars and Pluto will be blessed by the Venusian desire to let beauty and love flourish.

And the influence of Jupiter will sow these seeds of love far and wide. This is a very fertile time. Know that whatever dreams and intentions you nurture at the beginning of this spring have vast potential for growth and success.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: One More Time

Over the weekend, the waning Moon will traverse the sign of Scorpio, purging the remains of any psycho-sexual stagnation accumulated during winter. This is a good time for therapy and detoxification of any kind.

On Sunday, Mercury Rx in Pisces will conjunct Neptune. You will find yourself at the center of a labyrinth where the key to solving a great problem awaits. This is the key to healing yourself of some significant illness or ignorance.

This is the second in a series of conjunctions between Mercury and Neptune. The illness or ignorance being healed now first became a problem back in February, when Mercury entered into Neptune’s sphere the first time. Some kind of healing crisis erupted, prompting you to shift your thoughts and behavior to better support yourself.

On March 24th, you will receive divine guidance that will align you with spiritual truth. And this knowledge will be fully integrated by the first week in April, when Mercury in direct motion conjoins Neptune for the third time.

Overall this week is a beautiful beginning to a glorious new chapter of your life! Happy Equinox!

Much Love,