Turn You On ~ April 15th-21st, 2019

This week begins on a light note with the soft strings of a Venusian melody and resolves with a twang of bitter irony. The Sun will traverse the final degrees of Aries, culminating with the Full Moon at 29 degrees Libra on Friday. This is the second Full Moon in Libra this year, making the energies of this week an opportunity to achieve a new level of balance and poise in your psyche.

Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known

Can’t live for tomorrow

Tomorrow’s much too long

This Libran balance will only develop by facing up to some challenging emotional complexity. The Sun at 29 degrees Aries will be applying to conjunct Uranus, catalyzing a restless craving for excitement. But the Moon will be in a wide square with Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn, weighing your heart down with obligations, regrets and dark moods.

I’ll burn my eyes out

Before I get out

I wanted more

Than life could ever grant me

As difficult as it may be, this week is all about accepting life’s irony. You will be challenged to find harmony between forces that seem violently opposed: restlessness and fatigue; darkness and light; creation and destruction.

But there is much to be optimistic about. The alignment of the planets this week will offer you a sense of triumph over misery, finding the humor in your own melancholy.

I’ll tear my heart out

Before I get out

As an inspiration for the strange mood of this week, consider the 1993 song Today by Smashing Pumpkins. Much like the arc of development with the planets this week, Today begins with a melodic lullaby that then erupts into a cascade of sound.

Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known

Can’t wait for tomorrow

Like the transits this week, the whole mood of the song swings between soft and loud, sweet and sinister. The lyrics, “Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known” seem to belong to a cheerful pop ballad, lit up by romance and innocence.

But despite its triumphant sound, the singer Billy Corgan, has shared that Today was actually written in a state of suicidal depression. He shared that:

“…it literally came down to a simple decision: either kill yourself or get used to it—work, live, and be happy. So I wrote this song… it’s a positive song in that it’s about survival.”

It is the underlying impulse and instinct for survival that makes Today an inspiring song. And it serves as another demonstration of the human spirit’s ability to transmute suffering through the alchemy of art.

I want to turn you on

This week, as the Sun inches closer to Uranus, you’ll feel an electric current of creative power humming beneath the surface. On Saturday, this hum will become a pleasant vibration when the Sun enters the earthly pleasure garden of Taurus.

I want to turn you on

As the Sun’s energy merges with Uranus, your nervous system will be opened wide to sensual experience, enhancing the taste, touch and feel of everything. Upon this Uranian current, you will be tuned in and turned on. Natural instincts will be awakened, sharpening your lust for life and your appetite for beauty.

I want to turn you on

Monday/Tuesday: The Greatest Day I’ve Ever Known

On Monday, Venus in Pisces will square Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius, expanding the potential for loveliness and enjoyment in your relationships, finances and creativity.

Whenever Venus and Jupiter come into contact, even in a tense square, you can think of it as a marriage of true minds. In traditional astrology, both planets are described as benefics meaning they bring blessings and joy.

This week, with Venus in her place of exaltation and Jupiter in his place of rulership, the powers of attraction and expansion will be ripe for summoning a wave of good feelings and positive outcomes. This is a day where blessings and gifts will seem abundant.

Wednesday/Thursday: Burn My Eyes

You will feel a burst of enthusiasm when Mercury enters Aries on Wednesday, freeing the collective mind from the muddles trance of his elongated transit through Pisces.

Mercury has been in Pisces since February 10th, so this shift will be very welcome for anyone suffering from mental stagnation. The flames of Aries will disperse delusions and daydreams, uplifting you to cultivate a strong point of perspective.

But Mercury’s transit over Chiron for the remainder of the week will highlighting painful scenarios where your individual perspective may be disregarded. Even if you are disrespected for speaking your mind, with Mercury and Mars now in mutual reception, challenges will be faced with sharpened wits and cunning.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Tear My Heart Out

The Full Moon in Libra will be exact in the early morning hours on Friday. This second culmination of lunar energies in Libra will ask you to bring many difficult oppositions into balance. Due to Libra’s association with harmony in relationships, you may find a difficult challenge to your sense of intimacy or autonomy.

The influence of Uranus on the Sun indicates that a revolution has arrived. Formalities will be broken and patterns of reciprocity will be re-calibrated. But the square between the Moon and the dark planets in Capricorn will make this a moody and melancholic process.

On Saturday, the Sun will leave the cardinal fire sign of Aries and enter into the fixed earth realm of Taurus. Though this usually signals a time when life softens and mellows out, this year the Uranian current will summon an electric volatility. 

Since Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, the Sun’s close contact with Uranus will arouse a tingling appreciation for the gifts of love, beauty and pleasure.

Though it would be nice to settle into the graceful arms of Venus in Pisces, on Saturday Venus will be reborn into Aries, where she finds her place of detriment. This less than ideal placement of Venus will put some stress on the initiation of Taurus season. 

When Venus is in Aries, it is difficult for her most celebrated qualities to manifest. In Aries, Venus shuns reciprocity in favor of attracting the raw power of individual self-hood. It might seem like there is a famine of gentleness, harmony and cooperation.

The end of the week burns bright with sensory information, primed to catalyze major shifts in awareness and transformations. Despite the potential for losses, know that this is the kind of radical energy can really turn you on to new inspiration! Let your relationships, finances, and creative work become revived.

Cling to the Taurean virtue of patience and allow yourself the pleasure of dark humor to carry you through the journey ahead.


Much Love,


paintings by Robert Auer