Ray of Light ~ July 22nd-28th, 2019

The turbulent eclipses have finally passed. Like a ray of light piercing through the veil of darkness, this week the Sun returns home to its place of rulership in the fire sign of Leo

And I feel like I just got home

During Cancer season, you witnessed the power and mystery of the Moon, the divine mother who governs all generation. The Moon guides you to explore dreams and memory: underwater caverns of primal wisdom. Now from these moonlit waters you emerge into Solar consciousness, blessed by fire and illumination. The ambiance shifts from soft remembrance towards a celebration of vitality, courage, and joy. 

The Sun’s time in Leo marks the middle of the season, where the quality of light is at its most golden and radiant. Life begins to shimmer and glow. Every sunset is a bonfire, every sunrise a benediction.

Quicker than a ray of light

In the northern hemisphere, the Sun in Leo is on its path of descent, making the light more dramatic. You feel a powerful sense of appreciation, a rekindled awareness of how precious life is. As you yield to the wisdom of Leo season, your heart becomes illuminated.

The Sun in Leo demonstrates divine love through its life-giving power and ceaseless generosity. The Sun is a symbol of the eternal light of consciousness, which can be realized through the wisdom of the heart. This is the Self-Realization that Leo is so well-known for.

In his philosophical text, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, German philosopher Friedrich Neitzche described three stages of metamorphosis on the spiritual path towards self-realization: the Camel, the Lion and the Child. 

Nietzsche describes that when the spirit is like a camel, it travels in herds and collects burdens, conquests, and scars. The camel asks, 

“What is heaviest…that I may take it upon me and rejoice in my strength.” 

Being a camel is the first stage of the journey, but eventually your spirit must evolve into a lion, who is self-possessed and blessed with ferocity. The lion is the reified symbol of Leo, known for its golden mane and regal countenance. With great claws and teeth, the lion is the “king of the beasts”, a sovereign over its fate. 

But to complete the spiritual journey, the lion must lose interest in fighting and become the child. ‎To have the spirit of a child is the secret to happiness, health, and well-being. This is why the divine Child is the highest archetype associated with Leo, for it represents the lightness and radiance of the Sun

According to Nietzsche,

 “the child is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a sport, a self-propelling wheel, a Sacred Yes.” 

The wisdom of the Sun in Leo is that of the divine Child, who demonstrates that life should be a celebration of the joy of creation.

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And I feel like I just got home

Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder

To evoke the feeling of this week’s sunburst of creative energy, I recommend listening to Madonna’s 1998 song Ray of Light. 

Ray of Light was released a few months after Madonna had her first child, a life event that naturally inspired her to reach higher in search of spiritual illumination. Ray of Light is about her renewal following a dark time of confusion: an ecstatic vision of a golden dawn.

The lyrics are mystical and poetic, touching upon primal symbols and ancient mysteries. Ray of Light can be interpreted as a hymn to the Sun as sung by the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis

For Madonna to evoke the spirit of Isis is only natural. In Christianity, the Madonna is the Mother of God. And in ancient Egyptian myth, Isis is the Mother of the Sun. Both contain the promise of resurrection and light. An inscription that appeared at one of Isis’ ancient temples in Egypt read:

The fruit which I have brought forth is the Sun.”

She’s got herself a little piece of heaven

All Sun worship begins with the mother goddess, whose primordial powers were vast. Isis was the sister and wife of the Sun God Osiris. And her divine child was the Sun god, Horus.

According to esoteric philosopher, Manley P. Hall:

“Isis… is symbolic of receptive Nature–the watery, maternal principle which creates all things out of herself after impregnation has been achieved by the virility of the sun.”

The story of Isis and Osiris is an initiation into the mysteries of death and rebirth. In the story, the beloved Sun god Osiris was murdered and dismembered by his jealous brother. Through her tears of mourning, Isis recollects Osiris’ body parts and resurrects him from the dead. 

Trying to remember where it all began

As the Sun rises again, Isis becomes impregnated by a ray of light. As the esoteric philosopher Rudolph Steiner shares:

“…a ray pierces the head of Isis and she gives birth to Horus who becomes the ruler of this world.”

Ray of Light is a burst of dizzying ecstasy. It is clear that Madonna’s initiation into motherhood was a transcendent spiritual experience, one that reconnected her to the archetype of the divine child, to the miracle of the Sun.

As Rudolph Steiner described,

“…Whoever has knowledge of the spiritual secrets…and knows what speaks through Isis and Madonna sees in them something of primeval life…whose gaze penetrates as through a veil…can again feel piety in complete spiritual freedom…” 

Let this Leo season be like a ray of light that pierces the veil, blessing your life with the joy and innocence of the divine child. 

Monday/Tuesday: Ray of Light

The Sun moves into the sign of Leo on Monday. A ray of light breaks through the dark clouds. A rush of blood returns as your heart beats with renewed passion and purpose. You’ll feel that you have something important to share with the world.  And as the Sun shines, so will you. This is your time to feel playful and happy with yourself. Give into the Sun’s radiant warmth and let yourself feel good.

Wednesday/Thursday: And I Feel…

On Wednesday, Mercury Rx will conjunct Venus in Cancer, making it very possible that you will receive comforting news about the past. A turn of events is possible, bringing unexpected softness to a hard situation. Healing conversations between friends and lovers are highly favored. This combination of planetary energies will resound with wisdom like

“To err is human. To forgive divine…”

On Thursday, Mars in Leo will trine Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius, blessing your endeavors with increased confidence, flair, and success. This is a perfect time to conquer laziness and stagnation. Good fortune comes to those who take action, take the lead, and show courage.

Do something bold and meaningful during this time. The seeds of this success will continue to flourish, especially after Jupiter stations direct in early August.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: She’s Got Herself a Universe

On Saturday, Venus moves into Leo, where she becomes a passionate and playful creature marked by sudden outbursts of wrath. Her passions flicker like fire, summoning a wild streak to the surface. Venus in Leo has claws and teeth, but her primary desire is to bask in the Sun.

While Venus is in Leo, your social life will be blessed by your increased sense of self-confidence. And there will be an increased appetite for glamour with an increased flair for the dramatic. Parties, theatre and performance are the best places to commune with Venus in Leo.

Finally, on Sunday the Sun in Leo will trine Chiron in Aries bringing much needed healing for deep sadness and sorrow. You will receive extra love and support on this day in miraculous ways. And you may also find yourself generously helping someone else who needs extra encouragement and support. Whatever happens this day, the Sun’s golden halo of love will bless you, fortifying you with more strength and courage for the future.

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Happy Sun days…

Much Love,