The Sound of Fate Knocking ~ Solar Eclipse in Capricorn- December 25th, 2019

The end of 2019 is almost here, bringing an entire decade to its conclusion.

Hopefully, you have been celebrating. The holiday spirit that arrives with the solstice makes this the most magical time of year. All these holidays honor the rebirth of the Sun, which has an exoteric and esoteric power like none other.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this December 25th is a very important day because it coincides with a potent Solar Eclipse in Capricorn!

This Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is a super electrified New Moon, adding a great exclamation mark to the final words of the decade.

The eclipse will be visible in the Middle East and parts of Asia. Depending on your location, the solar eclipse will occur at the following times.

    • New York: 10:43 p.m. EST on Christmas Day (December 25, 2019) through 2:01 a.m. on Boxing Day (December 26, 2019)
    • Los Angeles: 7:43 p.m. through 11:01 p.m. PST on Christmas Day (December 25, 2019) 
    • London: 3:43 a.m. through 7:01 a.m. GMT on Boxing Day (December 26, 2019)

Eclipses tend to arouse fear and uncertainty because they summon a strange and startling energy. This Christmas Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is also conjunct to Jupiter. So expect this one to come in like Beethoven’s Fifth.


These are the most recognizable four notes in all of classical music because they have such an arousing impact!  Beethoven himself described the opening to the Fifth Symphony as “the sound of Fate knocking at your door.”

And that is exactly what this Solar Eclipse between decades will feel like.

To understand why eclipses can be so intense, think about the cycle of the Moon. Its rhythmic ebb and flow, wax and wane is like a cosmic breath. Think of every month as being a cycle of this cosmic breath. At the New Moon, the inhale begins rising higher until the Full Moon when it releases into a soft exhale. 

The cosmic breath governed by the Moon is well documented to be generative and supportive to all organic life. Plants grow faster when the Moon is waxing. The ocean tides rise and fall with the Moon. Human biology and behavior is also influenced by lunar cycles, including crime rates, fertility cycles, and hormones. And of course all ancient cultures understood the Moon to affect mental states, explaining the origin of the word lunatic.

The point is that the cycle of the Moon is very powerful, even in its most steady and rhythmic state. 

But Eclipses are a startling interruption in the Moon’s rhythm, like the sound of fate knocking at your door

The shadow of an eclipse is a submersion, a flood that forces the cosmic breath to pause. Without air, the pressure intensifies until it gasps back up to the surface returning to a comfortable ebb and flow.

If you are sensitive to eclipses, it is because you can feel the momentary agony of the cosmic breath on hold. But there is a lot of bliss when that tension is released. And there is so much relaxation and openness that follows. 

This Christmas Eclipse will disrupt your flow in some way, but this can have so many benefits to your evolution. 

Eclipses open a wide window into the subconscious mind, penetrating the darkness within where many secrets, lost treasures and long-forgotten wisdom can be found.

And of course because this Christmas Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is conjunct to Jupiter, this journey into the subconscious will be led by a philosophical and spiritual hunger. 

The sign of Capricorn is Saturn’s domain, where time and space condenses all energy into matter, which then evolve into systems and hierarchies. 

Capricorn is the where cold hard reality and the way of the world become known. Jupiter’s presence in this eclipse will urge you to ask bigger questions about the nature of reality, leading you into a much deeper knowledge of the world. 

The powers that be. The story of the past. The institutions that speak for you. The beauty and corruption of civilization. The relationship between spirit and matter.

This knowledge has the potential to become great wisdom one day, but it depends on how you use it. Knowledge of the world brings great power and responsibility, the burden of which has a tendency to inspire cynicism and ennui. 

But increased knowledge of the world can also offer a path to wisdom, inspiring one to seek personal sovereignty and a connection to the divine.

The most beautiful thing about the presence of Jupiter in Capricorn at this eclipse is that it softens the harder edges of this Saturnian realm, bringing some natural optimism and faith to guide whatever journey is about to unfold. 

Above all, Jupiter in Capricorn offers a powerful energy of grit and determination. 

My natal Jupiter is in Capricorn. Not the easiest placement to grow up with, but I have grown to love and appreciate the long hard climb I have been making in life. I have taken an interest in prominent historical figures who share this placement. 

One of my favorite examples is Ludwig van Beethoven, who was a prolific creative genius despite the devastating circumstances that he always faced. He was born poor, was exploited for his talent as a child, struggled to marry because of his lower class status, endured many wars, and became deaf in the middle of his career. To be a musical genius who loses their hearing has got to be one of the darkest nights of the soul.

And yet, Beethoven is one of the greatest composers of all time, writing music for the ages even after he had gone deaf.

As a grand finale, at the age of 56 he died during a thunderstorm, one of Jupiter’s symphonies of the firmament.

I want you to imagine that this Jupiter laced Solar Eclipse in Capricorn contains some of the essence of Beethoven’s spirit: his mastery, genius and his supernatural determination. It will be sparking through the air.

With just a touch of this energy, think of what you can overcome and accomplish at the dawn of a new decade. With just a little bit more grit and an unshakeable faith, imagine what an unstoppable force you could become! 

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn arrives at the dawn of winter’s internal focus, asking you to look within and dream BIG. 

Keep that dream safe in your heart until the time is right to make it into a reality.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season! 


Much Love,