STARGAZER Podcast Episode #01: Carolyn Elliott

Welcome to the first episode of STARGAZER: a podcast about astrology, alchemy & magic.

I’m really excited to begin this journey with you. I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a couple years now, mainly because I love to have intimate talks with people. The true joy of being an astrologer is the quality of conversation that opens up between me and my clients.

So this show will be a series of conversations with many of the writers, artists, healers, and magicians that I admire.

Today’s guest is the one and only, Carolyn Elliott of WITCH magazine who has always been a huge inspiration to me. Carolyn has just published her first major book, Existential Kink.

If you’re familiar with Carolyn’s work from her popular blog or her many online courses, then you know what a powerful teacher and healer she is. I predict that Existential Kink will open her wisdom up to an even wider audience.

This book offers an ingenious interpretation of Jungian shadow work and is filled to the brim with practical exercises to help you apply this knowledge and insight to your own path of healing.

Existential Kink is a deeply profound syncretism of magic, depth psychology and philosophy. But it is a deliciously easy read. I devoured the whole thing in a day because it is that fun to engage with.

Because she has such a wealth of wisdom to share, I was super excited to have Carolyn on the show.

You can learn more about Carolyn Elliott at, where you can find out how to take one of her truly transformational online courses. And you can check out WITCH magazine at Carolyn’s new book Existential Kink is available on Amazon or wherever books are sold.


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