STARGAZER Podcast Episode #03: Nicole Piar

Welcome to another episode of STARGAZER!

My guest today is Nicole Piar, creator of the Spirit Cats and Cosmic Allies.

I have always described Nicole Piar as being Psychedelic Beatrix Potter because her artistic vision is super mystical, and resonates so deeply with the divine child within.

Her Spirit Cats oracle deck has gained huge success and recognition around the world. Everyone loves the Spirit Cats deck because it effortlessly combines irresistible sweetness with gentle wisdom.

Nicole’s journey as an artist is an inspiration to anyone who has ever dreamed of turning their true gifts and passions into a living. Nicole’s life seems like a dream. Fully tapped into doing what she loves, her success as an independent artist allows her to paint whatever her soul guides her to create.

Nicole’s art flows directly from her dream life, which she considers to be a major source of knowledge and guidance. In this interview, we discuss Nicole’s latest project, the Cosmic Allies oracle deck based on the seven classical planets. This is a truly magical deck of cards, with many layers of meaning and purpose. The Cosmic Allies can be used for guidance, meditation, and as talismans to unlock the mysteries of the planets.

Nicole’s vision of the planetary energies is fresh and original, interpreting their wisdom in an innovative way. The Cosmic Allies deck is pop-Hermeticism, and a beautiful contribution to the ancient tradition of planetary magic.

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