Episode 26: The Twilight of Pluto with John Michael Greer


John Michael Greer is an American druid who has risen to become one of the most important esoteric scholars of our time. He is astonishingly prolific, having written over 70 books that explore a wide array of perspectives on ecological philosophy.

JMG demonstrates the virtues of a truly independent mind, offering a syncretic perspective that explores the overlap between ecology, spirituality, and the future of industrial society.

Though he’s written many books on occultism, politics, and economics, I believe that his latest book, The Twilight of Pluto, is the most important astrology book published in over a decade. 

In The Twilight of Pluto, JMG offers something totally unique in terms of historical perspective, critique, and predictions for the future. The rich juices of astrology have been fermented into a fine wine, opening the senses to divine the shape of the world that is emerging from beneath Pluto’s shadow.

This book offers original insight and unique analysis of the time we are living in, which JMG describes as being the end of the Plutonian-era. (1900-2036)

The Twilight of Pluto is first and foremost a history book, blossoming through an astrological lens to illuminate the evolution of human consciousness from the ancient world to the present Plutonian-era. 

You may imagine that diving into Pluto’s influence over the last century might make for some very grim reading. But instead, this book is a page turning pleasure to read. JMG takes you on an adventure through time, fighting monstrous tragedy and absurdity with glinting humor and acerbic cultural critique. 

Even if you don’t typically read astrology books, know that your interests in history, cultural criticism or ecological thought will be deeply nourished by The Twilight of Pluto.

And if you are a student of astrology, The Twilight of Pluto is required reading. This is a mind-altering book that will expand your imagination of the cosmos forever.

The Twilight of Pluto represents an evolutionary leap in the astrological conversation. That’s why it was such an honor to have the opportunity to interview JMG. And of course, in addition to being a great writer, he’s also a wonderful conversationalist.

We touch on everything in The Twilight of Pluto and go off on many tangents including:

  • Why art and architecture has become so ugly
  • The revival of mundane astrology
  • The 2016 election
  • Mass media manipulation
  • Why you should throw out your TV
  • Apocalypses 
  • US Pluto Return
  • What the future looks like in the post-Plutonian era

Buy The Twilight of Pluto by John Michael Greer

And you can read John Michael Greer’s blog: https://www.ecosophia.net/