Vanessa Long – Trainer, Master Coach, Author

“Every now and then I like to see what’s happening up in the sky and how those swirling divine energies are impacting me. When I booked my session with Aeolian Heart, that’s all I was hoping for – a little insight and satisfaction for my curiousity.

What I got was SO much more powerful!!

The way she effortlessly wove together some of the major players in my natal chart (Grand Air Trine and Pluto-Sun opposition) with the call of my soul’s evolution (scared to shining!) and then applied ALL of that to my career and where I am being called out by my soul blew me away.

Not only did I get insight into my Natal Chart and personality that I had never heard before, but her relentless focus on my greatness (instead of diving into scare-tactics) was incredibly motivating. I came out of the session with a vaster vision of what is possible for me and where I’m heading.

Finally, Aeolian Heart also gave me almost 9 months of upcoming transits so I am able to plan my business to capitalize on energies that will be buffeting and supporting me this year.

I strongly suggest in every way possible that you grab a session with her if you are looking to understand why you are the way you are and what you can do about it to create a life you love. ”

Vanessa Long, Creator of Discovering Your Passionate Purpose trains up new Coaches and works with women to create biz freedom